Chemicals, Additives and Masterbatches

Plastic additives come into play when the utilitarian significance and design of a final product needs to be ameliorated. Chemicals like vinyl chloride, dioxide and styrene form a diverse range of additives. The measured quantification of these additives varies according to the product. For instance: the percentage of additives in polymers which are crafted to wrap foods is zero percent while it is more than fifty percent for particular electronic applications.


Masterbatch (MB), on the other hand, is another plastic additive which is induced in weither solid or liquid form. It can be classifies into two types depending upon its functionality. Colour Masterbatch’s primary purpose is to add hues to the plastic product by colouring it while Additive Masterbatch extends other properties to plastics



Below is a list of suppliers and manufacturers who specialise in providing Plastic Additives and Masterbacthes: