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Alok Masterbatches is one of India's largest and leading manufacturers of color and additive Masterbatches like - Black Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Filler Masterbatch, and UV Masterbatch Compounds. With 4 strategic plant locations across India, and a wide network of distributors and associates. It prides itself as the lead supplier to most of the “A+” & “A” strata brands, with production capacity of over 36000 M.T. Clientele of Alok Masterbatches ranges from FMCG, Raffia, Plasticulture, Automotive, and Rotational Moulding.

Black Masterbatch

Black Masterbatch is a product range based on PE, PS, EVA and universal polymers which comprises of specially selected carbon blacks to give a spread of properties from high jetness, UV protection and food contact approval.NoirPlus range of Black Masterbatches caters to different application areas


  • Geomembranes, Thin films (20 microns)
  • Thick films and Sheet Extrusion
  • Pipes and irrigation Laterals
  • Injection and Rotational Molding
  • Engineering Plastics- Nylons
  • Polyacetals etc, Polyester Staple Fiber.

Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch is available in active color database of over 5000 shades and precise cooler matching with spectrophotometer. In Color Masterbatch it is ensured that any ingredients that may cause free radical formation or alter the smell or taste of the final product is eliminated.


Color Masterbatches comes in a wide range from – Pearl Colors, Lead and heavy metal free masterbatches (ROHS), Glow in dark, Non fading.


Color Masterbatch:


Color Masterbatch has very low dust formation. Color Masterbatch has high load ability up to 30%. Color Masterbatch has customized grades with special colors with ultra fine Calcium carbonate for very thin film extrusion.

Filler Masterbatch


UV Masterbatches comes in a variety for various applications –

FIBC/packaging –


  • UvNoxTM-PP PP tapes/ FIBC, UvNoxTM
  • FGL Food Grade product for PP tapes/FIBC, UvNoxTM
  • Shelf Content Protection for FMCG Packaging, UvNoxTM
  • PEX Low GSM PP tapes/FIBC


Medical Instruments –  UvNoxTM -MDC for Medical Instruments to prevent Degradation while Sterilization.

Roto Molded - UvNoxTM -Tank Rotomolded tanks HDPE/LDPE articles

Polystyrene - UvNoxTM -S Suitable for Styrenic applications.

ABS - UvNoxTM -ABS ABS/SAN articles

Polyacetal - UvNoxTM -DLR Polyacetals (Delrin)

UV Masterbatch Compounds

UV Masterbatch Compoundses gare available for almost all application and polymers. Some of our UV Masterbatch Compoundses Grades from


  • Universal Marble White 1047 75% (filler free)
  • White 21146 70% (filler free)
  • White 21147 60%,
  • White 21149 50%
  • White 12574 45%
  • UV Nox Blanc 30%.

White Masterbatch

From simple injection moulding application to multilayer film, Alok has a very extensive range of White masterbatches. Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatches for almost all application and polymers.

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