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Key Products : Conductive Compounds, Antistatic Masterbatch, VCI Masterbatch

Kinetic Polymers is one of the leading manufacturers of Conductive Compounds, Antistatic Masterbatch, VCI Masterbatch, Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch, Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments, instruments to measure static electricity etc. Their chief objective is to deliver an unparalleled level of quality to achieve customer satisfaction.

Conductive Compounds

These Conductive Compounds are based on conductive carbons and various base materials like LDPE, EVA, HDPE, PP, HIPS, Nylon and the final product is always black in colour. To meet customers requirements Conductive Compounds are used for all types of end applications like Films, Mouldings and Sheets. The resistance of these Conductive Compounds are in range of 10^5 ohms, with excellent gloss and good flow and impact properties. High Reliability and Stability are the special features of our Conductive Compounds. These Conductive Compounds are stable at High Temperature.

VCI Masterbatches

VCI Masterbatch is special type of Master batch to meet the corrosion problems. The main usage of this Masterbatch is for Blown Film Extrusion The required Dosage of these Masterbatches are in range of 2% levels in LDPE and the Anticorrosive VCI Films obtained are excellent packaging materials for stopping or delaying the corrosion processes. VCI Masterbatch is used as packaging for various metal parts. The film present in VCI Masterbatch will provide a film satisfactory for outside storage for more than one year and also provide complete protection up to years for some products. VCI Masterbatch is thermally stable, which allows its use in warm or hot climate without any problems. Straight polyethylene resin or resin blends are used for blending VCI Masterbatch. In normal working environment dust and dirt is not attracted by VCI Masterbatch.

Anti Static Masterbatches

Antistatic masterbatch can be used for the following materials, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, HDPE, P.P ABS and HIPS. They offer both migrating type and non migrating type, to meet the basis static charge elimination, which can be a big problem in processing, printing or the packaging of various electronics components. Dosage levels vary from 3—18 % depending upon the type you need. Various instruments are also being offered to measure the antistatic property.

Anti Block Masterbatches

This Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch is used in blown films applications where operability is a big problem. Blocking problems can be avoided by using these Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch in dosage levels of 1--5% .These Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch can also be used as a mould release agent in various injection moulding operations for polyolefin’s. Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch is available at low cost. Applications of Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch include bags, wrap and packaging, with both single-layer and multi-layer constructions. Sticking of films can be avoided by using Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch. Low Film Haze and High Clarity can be maintained by using Slip and Antiblock Masterbatch.

Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments

Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments measures Conductivity, Resistivity and Static dissipative. Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments range from 10^3 to 10^12 ohms. This Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments are highly useful to know the antistatic property and also when 2-3 grades of antistatic master batches are available, excellent comparison can be done by using these Anti Static Property Measuring Instruments to know which grades ar

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