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Category : Chemicals, Additives and Masterbatches

Key Products : Polymer Flame Retardant and Fertilizers

The Russian Mining Chemical Company came into inception in 2002 by four young enthusiasts who decided to combine their skills and worthwhile experience in the field of processing magnesium minerals thus, creating the company. With its headquarters in Moscow and production facilities at Vyazma and Far East of Russia, the company plans to implement new projects to raise their level in accordance with the present scenario and industry needs.


The company holds a prominent name in the industry and is one of the prime producers of magnesia products in the Russian Federation and CIS. The produce of Russian Mining Chemical is widely used in industry, environmental protection and agriculture.


Russian Mining Chemical notably is one of the major companies providing maximum support to European consumers so that they implement and use the company’s product. The company has a registered research centre for catering this need. The company uses modern equipment and hence generates high quality material.


The feature that drives the company to greater heights is the control over the enterprise which promotes- significant changes in the productive activities of mining facilities, serious modernization, the necessity for major personnel changes and the implementation of a significant investment.

Flame Retardant Polymers


Polymer flame retardants prominently called Ecopiren constitutes magnesium hydroxide milled and classified using a specialized way that could be used as an effective mineral flame retardant and smoke absorber for polymer compositions.


Ecopiren brand meets all the necessary legal requirements and is higly non-toxic. It can be processed into final polymeric products together with various kinds of plastics by applying advanced processing techniques flame (extrusion, molding under pressure).


The utilization of Ecopiren include: PVC wire and cable formulations, highly filled compounds, wire and cable formulations and ATH replacements.

Anti-caking Agent for Mineral Fertilizers


AgroMag is a novel and environmentally friendly magnesium fertilizer. Effective for potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, that are grown in the open and in protected ground, AgroMag is homogeneous white powder without impurities, odorless. It can be used for all crops as the main fertilizer and ameliorator.


The products include - Magnesium fertilizer acting as an ameliorator and liquid complex fertilizer.


Anti-caking agent for mineral fertilizers


Anti-caking agent is basically utilized to prevent caking and dusting hygroscopicity. Caking and dusting is considered as a negative factor when concerned with product’s performance.


The utilization is in the production of ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizers. In the application of magnesium hydroxide formed AgroMag durable and dense granules grained structure, giving fertilizer optimum physical properties. It’s a complex fertilizer.


The products in this category include: Anti-caking agent for complex fertilizers and anti-caking agent for ammonium nitrate.

AquaMag Gas & Water Treatment


AquaMag is based on magnesium hydroxide is a highly efficient reagent for treatment of water and gas protecting them from impurities.  It does no secondary pollution of water and has the possibility of regeneration.


The treatment with AquaMag include: Reagent for acid sewages neutralization, reagent for gas purification, water purification reagent from heavy metals and flue gases desulfurization reagent.

Metallurgical Flux Flumag


FluMag is a highly effective magnesian flux produced utilizing brucite which hasthe highest content of magnesium oxide naturally. FluMag is a metallurgical flux and brucite is mined in the company’s own deposit. It has basic utility in the ferrous metallurgy during steel production basically for applying of high-strength skull on linings of modern steelmaking assembles such as oxygen converter and in the process of blowing of slag by nitrogen and as adding in filling scrap in order to increase the resistance of the protective layer.


FluMag product line includes: Flux for steel making in converter.

Technical Rubber Products MagPro


MagPro is an effective scorch retardant and is a highly active magnesium hydroxide of high purity with a minutely defined particle size distribution. MagPro works as an acid scavenger and curing agent in (halogenated) polymers. It is also a thickening agent in BMC and SMC.

Chemical Pulping BleachMag


BleachMag is a highly efficient reagent of new generation based on natural magnesium hydroxide it responsibly lower expenses and cost in comparison with soda ash and caustic soda. It also improves pulp quality and reduces loss of fibres in the form of chemical fumes and it reduces bleaching cost upto 30% while maintaining the brightness of pulp. BleachMag is a highly efficient reagent of new generation based on natural magnesium hydroxide.


BleachMag Products include: Brewing ground for pulp, Reagent for pulp bleaching and Reagent for bleaching of high yield semiproducts.

Magnesium Sulphate MagAdd


MagAdd produced from the best grades of brucite — a mineral with the highest magnesium content naturally.MagAdd is an ideal raw material for the production of wide range of magnesium compounds and products. It has low impurity content.


MagAdd product line includes: Component for production of Magnesium sulfate, nitrate, carbonate, hydroxide, phosphate, stearate and component for production of vanadium.


Component for glass production


Production of glass which is employed for industrial construction, technical and domestic purposes mainly requires the utilization of high-quality raw mineral materials that have high uniformity, purity and defined particle size distribution.

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