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Key Products : SP Series Sheet Line, HDPE Pipe Plant, Vented Recycling Machine

Established in the year 1981, R.R. Plast employs the latest design technologies in the manufacturing of screw and barrel, which is the heart of extrusions line and the latest innovations in the design of post equipment.  They facilitate extrusion lines, which are engineered to perform with cutting edge technology, guaranteeing utmost efficiency, reliability and durability. The company has seen phenomenal growth over the past decade. With dedicated Design & Development department we are committed to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions to our clients. They are equipped with capable & highly experienced sales as well as service team to handle customer queries and provide them with the best offers & solutions.

R.R. Plast is endowed with state-of-the-art factory located just 45 miles away from Mumbai. The factory is spread over an Area of 2800 Sq. meter and has capability to manufacture and test 10 or more number of machines per month. With well-maintained Inventory confirming assured delivery schedules and 100 % service and support back up.

With more than 30 years of experience in plastic extrusion lines, R.R. Plast has accrued vast expertise in manufacture of Extrusion Lines for:

  • Sheets
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Recycling Machines
  • D/F Pen Barrel , Refill and Lollypop Stick

R.R. Plast enjoys 60-65% Market share for Sheet line for Thermoforming / Vacuumforming of Disposable products with successful installations of more than 500 Sheet Lines all over India & world. Their machines come completely assembled with cable trays and all safety features with emergency start / stop buttons near every motor. With over 30 years of experience in this field, R. R. Plast has a mastery over such extrusion line and can provide you 100 % online support. Their round-the-clock service and spares support is the most critical aspect as to why their lines are running successfully not just in India but in Africa as well.

A detailed description as well as technical specifications of some of the most prolific and popular products designed, developed and delivered by the organisation, are listed below:

Sheet Extrusion Line Machine

We specialization is in Sheet Extrusion Lines and are leading suppliers of Sheet Extrusion Lines in India with 60 % market share. We have over 800 Sheet Extrusion Lines running all over India and abroad. We can offer PP/ HIPS / PET / R-PET Etc SHEET EXTRUSION LINE suitable:

  • Layer: - 1 to 5 Layers
  • Width: - 400 to 1500mm
  • Sheet Thickness: - 0.2 to 2mm HIPS 0.3 to 2mm PP

Sheet Extrusion Lines ensure the best transparency, Surface finishing of the sheet with minimum. Also with our extrusion machinery you are ensured of Lowest power consumption (Unit /kg):

  • 0.30 unit / for PP
  • 0.22 unit / for HIPS
  • 0.33 unit/ for PET

RRP also proffers Thermoforming Machine Suitable for all kinds of Disposable Products like Glass, Trays, Containers, Bowls, Plates& Cups. It delivers Hydraulic Type as well Servo Type Thermoforming Machine as per the client’s requirement.

Plastic Tube Extrusion Plant

R.R. Plast has supplied over 70 such high speed extrusion plants and all of India's leading D/F Pen manufacturers use RRP's machine and not only just one machine but in many cases, they have repeated orders. This is a testament to their attention to the quality, consistency and performance of the machines.

They have also exported such a machines in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brazil.

The unique features of RRP's machines include high-speed production line with a guarantee of 80 to 100 cuts / min for DF Barrel and 250 cuts / min for Polo Barrel and a servo Cutter which ensures uniform cut length of the barrels with single blade, no waste cut piece between two cuts, diameter tolerance of 0.05 mm for O.D. & I.D, cutting length Accuracy of 0.5 mm, RRP uses all branded components and there is no compromise on quality by using cheaper substandard components.

R. R. Plasts also offers the machine with MELT PUMP / O.D. MEASURING GAUGE / PLC SOFT TOUCHSCREEN option at extra price.

These machines comes completely assembled with cable trays and all safety features with emergency start / stop buttons near every motor. With over 10 years of experience in this field we have mastery over such extrusion line and can provide you 100 % online support.24 hours service and spares support, which is most critical aspects as to why our lines are running successfully not just in India but in Africa as well.

Vented Recycling Machinery Plant

RR Plast Extrusion offers following types of Reprocessing Lines:


  • Direct Feed Type Vented Recycling Plant
    With Water Ring Die Face Cutter for recycling of Stretch Film, Cast Sheet, PP/HD Woven Sacks (Raffia Waste), highly printed film waste (monolayer/Multilayer) as well as Film Waste/Low Bulk Density plastic waste.
  • Single Stage Vented Recycling Plant
    This is deployed for low bulk density material less than 0.5 gm/cm3, Multilayer Film Waste, Highly Printed Film Waste and for the plastics waste with higher moisture and contamination Cutter.
  • Two Stage Vented Recycling Plant
    This comes with a Strand Pelletizer/Water Ring Die face.


Salient Features of the above recycling lines include guaranteed High capacity/performance line, minimum electricity consumption (minimum unit/kg processed), vented Extruder removing moisture (no preheating needed), chemical ink and volatiles from plastic waste. All sub components of the high capacity reprocessing lines from reputed brands in the world along with safety consideration and lastly, Complete after sales & service support from R. R. Plast.


Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant

The Company opened a new chapter in its history by entering a joint venture with DRTS, USA in the year 2007 and since then has successfully installed 150 drip in-lines round pipe plants all over India. Currently they have the highest market share (75%) in India for Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant & Recently installed 3 flat-line across India. R.R.Plast is the only company who has run successful flat Drip Line at speed of 150mtrs/min at PlastIndia 2015, Gandhinagar.

Technical Specifications:




RRPP/PE –45/33 12-20 160-180 60-70

Auto with Traversing

RRPP/PE – 65/33 12-20 230-250 90-100 Auto with Traversing 70

Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Machinery & Plant

R.R. Plast manufactures plastic Extrusion Machinery & Equipment. After successful installation of 123 Round drip Irrigation pipe plant all over India. R. R. Plast developed with high-speed user-friendly flat drip irrigation pipe plant in the year 2013.

Bearing in mind, the exact requirement of Indian agriculture sector, the company has been elected as one of the world’s best technology partner to supply such equipment to Indian manufacturers with 100% drippers supply guarantee.

Till date R. R. Plast has supplied of 2Nos high speed Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant to our esteemed customer as below.

  1. EPC Industries (Mahindra Group) – Maharashtra
  2. Ravi Plant Bio Technologies Ltd - Gujarat.

Technical Specifications:


Model Dripper Per Min Line Speed at Output (Kgs/Hour)
0.2 mm Thickness 0.8 mm Thickness
RRPP 45/33- 45-150-STD Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 300 100-120 m/min 70-80 m/min 150
RRPP 75/33 Flat 90- 300-Master Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 600 165-180 m/min 140-150 m/min 300
RRPP 75/33 Flat 110-360- Jet Master Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 1000 230-250 m/min 180 m/min 360


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