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Key Products : special Moulding Process, Moulded Plastic Technical Components

INIPRESS SPA specialises in the moulded plastic products, technology used in plastic processing and special moulding processes. The Italy-based company has rich expertise in injection moulded plastics and offers services right from feasibility study and designing to manufacturing and prototype execution of different moulded plastic products. The moulded plastic products are widely used in forms of plastic technical components, plastic furniture products, plastic packaging products, household plastic products, plastic beverage products, recreational products, etc.

Special Moulding Processes


INIPRESS offers world-class services in special moulding processes. As part of its special moulding process, the company provides multi-material, multi-colour (bi/tri-injection moulding), gas assisted injection moulding (parts with hollow shapes), In-Mould-Labelling (IML) , stack moulding, etc.


Its customers can count on an exceptionally high level of competence, a dynamic mind-set and constantly updated technology. Its engineers are continually experimenting with new technologies on innovative machinery. They study and develop unique ways of working with the materials, they produce prototypes and samples and offer qualified assistance to designers and manufacturing companies alike.


The special moulding processes at INIPRESS include injection-compression moulding, thin-wall, insert moulding with fabric or metal, etc. Inipress specialises in the manufacture of coloured components with special effects such as metallic, pearlescent and iridescent finishes.

Plastic Technical Components



Strengthened by its expertise, INIPRESS offers plastic technical components for different products. The company has its roots in the tradition of injection-moulded plastics and moulded plastic products and offers world-class plastic technical components. It provides feasibility studies, product industrialization with three-dimensional model, designing and manufacturing of the necessary moulds for plastic technical components. The company also executes automation procedures, prototype execution and moulding for plastic technical components. The plastic technical components are replacing metal parts. The demand for plastic technical components is increasing.

Innovative Moulds & Dies



INIPRESS offers innovative moulds for making plastic furniture products in different designs. Considering the ever-changing market demand, the company designs and develops plastic moulds for plastic furniture products competitively. The plastic furniture products are designed to suit its market focus. The plastic furniture products are ideal for shifting one place to other. Light in weight, plastic furniture products are very h4. The plastic furniture products made by the company last long.

Plastic Packaging Products



Considering several types of requirements of the industry for plastic packaging products, INIPRESS designs and manufactures a wide range of plastic moulds. The company’s plastic packaging products are widely used in several industrial applications: High-performance plastic packaging products and components are made with maximum precision in all technical expertise of the company. The moulds ensure complete integration between technical competence and elevated safety in the plastic packaging products. The company ensures high quality and durability for the plastic packaging products. The plastic packaging products offer greater flexibility and long life. As a result, the global packaging industry prefers plastic packaging products.

Household Plastic Products

INIPRESS provides plastic moulding processes for manufacturing several types of household plastic products. Right from toys to exercise bicycles and household plastic products and appliances, the company offers a wide range of moulds. INIPRESS offers a range of services and household plastic products. The company designs household plastic products as per customer requirements. The household plastic products are individually adjusted to its customers' logic and tastes. INIPRESS manufactures cost effective household plastic products at global quality standards.

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