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Founded in 1974, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) is the largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machinery based out of Taiwan. The company is publicly traded and has been listed on the stock exchange of Taiwan. In addition to the head office alongside main production facility in Taiwan, there are two more plants situated in Ningbo and Dongguan, China.


FCS has complete product range from 30 to 4000 metric tons for various industries and applications. Such as, household, medical & pharmacy, auto parts, pipe & fitting (o-ring), personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage, furniture, toy & stationary, and so forth.

Injection Molding Machine HT-SV

HT-SV Series (Servo Power Saving Injection Molding Machine): HT-30SV~1420SV


The HT-SV series adopt high efficiency motor and pump control technology. It accomplish high energy saving, high precise, high response, low noise and easy to be controlled. Under ideal situation, the energy saving could be 40% better than variable pump and even 70%~80% better than traditional pump.


In addition, the machine adopts highly sensitive pressure feedback equipment. The close loop design helps the machine move more precisely and stably. Besides, the motor only work when necessary and it won’t create extra heat and that will lower the oil temperature. Sometime the hydraulic oil even doesn’t need to use extra power to cool down. And this helps the machine to save more energy.

Two-Component Injection Molding

FB-R Series Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (Rotary Table): FB-140R~1420R


FCS is the first company to successfully research and develop double color injection molding in Taiwan. Being the most experienced and having advanced technology capabilities, the company could able to satisfy our customer’s needs. The double color injection molding machine is equipped with a 180° rotation plate which allows placement of two molds to produce double color products.


Other features include:


  • Machine comes equipped with two sets of hydraulic core pulling device on the rotation plate. In addition, it also comes with cooling system in the molds.
  • During operation, the rotation plate does not come in contact with the platen, thus reducing the possibility of damage caused by friction. Besides, with accurate confirmation of the rotation position, it can protect the mold themselves.
  • Two isolated barrel sets inject at the same time, thereby reducing cycle time. The shorter cycle time increases productivity of the machine and hence helps to yield bigger profits.
  • With an accuracy reaching 0.01mm, linear potentiometers are used in the two injection sets and clamping molds to accurately control the injection process and the closing and opening of molds.
  • By PRO/ENGINEER computer aid designed clamping system; the clamp stroke and distance between bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.

Thermosetting Injection Molding

HD-UV Series Servo Power-Saving Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine: HD-180UV~260UV


Clamping Unit:


  • By Computer Aided Design (CAD) clamping system, the clamp stroke and distance between tie bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.
  • Machines are equipped with up-down toggle system for high speed molding.
  • Linear potentiometer can reach 0.01mm high accuracy, and all position settings can be saved into the computer, suitable for high precision molding.
  • Fully automatic lubrication device ensures excellent lubricating effect and assures machine's accuracy.


Injection Unit:


  • Suitable for thermosetting plastic material, double-function for exchanging between thermo-plastic and thermosetting.
  • By linear potentiometer for 0.01mm high precision position control for injection and clamping systems.
  • Use of oil heating circulation and electric heating for barrel ensures the stability of temperature control.
  • Specialized screw & barrel for thermosetting, special treated steel of barrel set for anti-erosion when in use of thermosetting material.


Electrical Unit:


  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical safety devices consist tri-interlock safety system.
  • Emergency stop on operation & rear sides.
  • Low pressure mold opening & closing protection.

Ultra-High Production Rate CAP

FCS successfully developed the “Ultra-high production rate CAP series”. A 28mm/30mm 48-cavity mold can produce at least 26,000 caps per hour.


System Features:


  • 3 major sub-systems:  AD-series tripe-loop fast cycle injection molding machine, a cap mold, and a patented cap-cutting machine.
  • Triple Loop Hydraulic system:  Cycle time is shortened due to material charging, mold opening/closing, and ejection are completed simultaneously.
  • Three Axis Simultaneous Movement:  The key to the high performance of this production system; output is raised over 21%.
  • High performance Shut-Off Nozzle: Shut-off nozzle for 100% leakage prevention.
  • New Patented Injection Carriage: Prevent barrel from tilting forward and nozzle from upturning.
  • Application: Suitable for making caps of various bottles.

Thin Wall Parts Molding

AH Series Thin-wall parts Molding System: AH-200~300


No matter how the technology and economy have changed, food container industry is always taking a space in the plastic molding area. Due to the demands of cost down and environment friendly, reducing the container thickness and increasing the cavities seem to be more and more important.


Since then, FCS develops a production system for thin-wall containers - AH Series, which is the best solution for the food container molding industry.


System Features:


High injection speed and response:


  • The new single injection cylinder design achieves synchronization which is more excellent than dual design, and helpful to improve injection stability and suitable for high speed injection molding.
  • Framework design feature is that the hydraulic motor is mounted on the framework and not moves with the reciprocating injection screw. This reduces the inertia and promotes the response (70ms) and stability in injection molding.
  • High speed injection molding reduce injection time and increase the shear heat of plastic to help the integrity which hotly fills in the thin-wall food containers.
  • With high responding accumulator, the maximum injection speed rate is up to 300 mm/sec that can achieve the duty of molding thin-wall containers.


High repeatability and stability


  • AH Series adopt Vickers high response close-loop servo valve for maintaining its repeatability and controlling the holding pressure.

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