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Huarong Plastic Machinery India Pvt Ltd is Part of Huarong Taiwan, which is well-known for manufacturing safe, durable, suitable and pleasant thermoplastic and thermoset plastic injection moulding machine for the past 40 years. Company invests lots of resource in extreme precise injection moulding machine’s research and development. Huarong is leader in power saving technology for Injection Moulding Machines with manufacturing facility in Taiwan & sales network across the world.


Huarong has 40 years of wide experience in the field of manufacturing Injection moulding machines and supplied more 10,000 machines worldwide, they have mainly Hybrid toggle type Servo power saving (aprox.40-60%) machines ranges from 60 to 4000 Ton. And overall Manufacturing Capacity of around 2000 Machines per annum. Huarong have an excellent team of engineers to support its sales services across the globe.


Huaron’s machines have been recognized for their high quality and productivity in different application segment like Automotive, Caps Closures, Packaging, two Component, IML Products.


Household, Writing Instruments, PET Preform, CPVC & RPVC Fittings, Electrical, White Goods, Industrial Moulding, Furniture Syringes etc..


Huarong’s machines are equipped to provide following increased productivity advantages.


  • Cycle Time Reduction.
  • Energy Savings. (Reduced Power Consumption)
  • Raw Material Saving. (Reduced Rejection & High Shot to Shot Consistency)

Motor Driven Injection

  • PID control for accurate temperature management.
  • SPC function for production record.
  • Pressure alarm implemented for ensuring toggle lubrication.
  • Tie-bar with non-rigid absorption design, quality with SCM440, warranty for 2 years.
  • Progressive distributors implemeted for improvinv lubrication system.

CO Injection Moulding (HDC)

CO Injection Moulding machines have the following features:

  • Rotary Platen Design For Injection Moulding System Effectively Ensures Lean-Free Performance
  • Rotational table with non-friction design against moving platen.
  • 2 independent injection units synchronized for bi-color or bi-material.
  • External Gear Drive, Rapid On Rotation & Accurate Positioning
  • Servo Rotation (Optional), With Servo Drive for more rapid movement & Accuracy.
  • Tri Injection available for Additional Injection Unit To Comply Multi Injection Need.

PET Preform Injection Moulding


  • High speed molding with highly stabilized. Application with wide range, available for most types of PET preform designs.
  • Complete turnkey with dehumidifier, feeding tools, temperature controller, mold, chiller, and automation, etc. Related auxiliaries.
  • Specially Designed Screw & Barrel with Higher L/D ratio.
  • Injection & clamping with potentiometer for accuracy control, tolerance at 0.1mm.

PVC Injection Moulding


PVC Injection Moulding machines have the following Features:

  • Specially designed Screw for PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PVC Powder and Granule.
  • Bi-alloy Screw & Barrel for Stabilized temp. & Abrasion-resistance/Etching-resistance. Hardness above HRC65.
  • High-Torsion/Low-Rotation Hydraulic Motor for Efficient plasticizing capacity Reduce Cooling-time & Material-consumption.
  • Extended Safety Door for Efficient mold installation & Improved Safety for operator.
  • Tiebars with SCM440 Tool Steel & (Patented) Groove design prevent platen-deformation & tie bar snap.

Vertical Injection Moulding


  • Individual injection moulding machine – available in the single, rotary & shuttle variants, depending on the mould area requirements
  • Minimal footprint – ergonomically optimised working height without operator platform & short design especially with a vertical injection unit
  • Excellent energy-efficiency – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & Servo Motor Option
  • Easy accessibility – efficient protection of the open work area by means of a light curtain
  • Clamping force – from 15 Ton to 500 Ton

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