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Key Products : Automatic Thermoforming, Automatic Vacuum Forming and Hydraulic Cutting Machines

Global Thermoformers  established in the year 2008 is one of the upcoming name in the development and manufacturing of Automatic thermo forming machines.  Global Thermoformers design and manufacture Automatic  thermo forming machines and equipments with specialization in packaging solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of Automatic thermo forming machines for thin wall / thick wall application, plastic packaging & compact sheet line extruder machinery.


Product Line manufactured by  Global Thermoformers  consists of Automatic Thermo forming Machines, Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, Skin Packing and Blister Forming Machines, Special Purpose Forming Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Punch Cutting Machines, Roller Cutting Machines among others. Manufacturing facilities are located at heart of industrial town- Faridabad near Delhi, capital of India equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology required for this kind of business.


Global Thermoformers has strong technology and human resource base to meet the exacting standards of the most demanding customers in the world.  Global Thermoformers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, specialization in packaging solutions, delevering its products to nations across Europe and Asia. Global Thermoformers USP lies in manufacturing – range of impeccable world class quality machines for plastic disposable industry, packing industry, fast moving consumable goods & items catering to the needs of virtually all the industry & establishment.

Special Purpose Forming Machines

Special Purpose Forming Machines


Thermoforming has now found diverse applications. The R & D division has developed a very unique design for this type of machines and each of these has features that make these machines at par with the best available in the market.


Customer's specific requirements are borne in mind during the design and fabrication of the Special purpose forming machines.

There are different techniques that are in use for the forming operation these being the Pre-blow, plug assist or a combination of these techniques. Also has an ability to form sheets up to a maximum thickness of 8 mm.


Host of controls with operator-friendly operations, safety and efficient running of the machine are provided.


As the name suggests this machine can form large sized items and applications limited by ones own imagination. Items like interiors for luxury buses and aircrafts, liners for refrigerators, AC, suitcases, bath cabinets, tubs and other sanitary ware.


Features :     


  • Substantial material saving.
  • Mass production at lower material cost.
  • Divided overheads - Thus, High Return On Investment.
  • Changes Mould in minimum time provided a simple operation of push button on easy changing at your finger tips!
  • Manual interface is negligible, thus, reduces Mould change time.
  • Speedy performance, significant output in lesser time.
  • Automatic setting of Temperature with memory.

Hydarulic Cutting Machine

Hydarulic Cutting Machine


Hydraulic Cutting Machines are available in 3 different categories as Roller Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Cutting Machine and Hydraulic Punch Cutting Machines. Hydraulic Cutting machines are offered in numerous technical specifications and are highly acknowledged for their high performance, sturdy construction, longer functional life and user-friendly operations.


This range is of Hydraulic Cutting Machines is used for trimming, shaping of skin packed and vacuum formed items, which uses simple and straight steel blades uniformly for operating either manually or by an electric device. Hydraulic Cutting Machine is also used for cutting rubber, paper leather up to a thickness of 2.5 mm.


Features of Hydraulic Cutting Machines:


  • Precision engineered
  • Offers fine trimming and shaping
  • High performance
  • High versatility

Blister Forming Machine

Skin & Blister Forming Machine


Skin & Blister Forming Machines has a robust construction and is a heavy duty machine is suitable for Skin Packing, Blister Forming & Shallow Receptacle / Vessel. The forming areas vary from 6”X 8” (150mm X 200 mm) to 24”X 24” (600mm X 600mm) with a maximum forming depth up to 6” (150mm). The machine also has facilities for Auto Cycle, Auto Clamping, Auto Ejection, Heat Zone Control with Plug Assist, Double side heating as optional.


Features of Skin & Blister Forming Machine:


  • Substantial material saving.
  • Mass production at lower material cost.
  • Divided overheads - Thus, High Return On Investment.
  • Changes Mould in minimum time provided a simple operation of push button on easy changing at your finger tips!
  • Manual interface is negligible, thus, reduces Mould change time.
  • Speedy performance, significant output in lesser time.
  • Automatic setting of Temperature with memory.

Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine


Automatic vacuum forming machines is a high performance low power consumption machines which produces Plastic Articles and Blisters of regular and irregular shapes from 12-15 Strokes per min. For a more uniform thickness Plug assist is provided as an option. The roll feeding, forming, clamping, loading and unloading is fully automatic. Single/Double side heating by means of true infrared ceramic heaters. Various thermoplastics, sheets as PVC, HIPS, LDPE, ABS, EPS, PP can be processed.


Features of Auotmatic vacuum forming machine:


  • Fully automatic roll feeding, forming, clamping, heating, loading and unloading.
  • Equipped with True Infra-red Ceramic elements for power saving and uniform heat distribution.
  • The width and travel of the roll can be adjusted in the machine to suit the size and shape of the forming die to minimize wastage of material.
  • Provide with in-line cutting facilities, if desired on line vertical slitting system with scrap disposable system also provided.
  • Suitable for various material such as PVC, HIPS up to 1.5 mm thickness and EPS up to 3mm thickness.
  • Built-in-water circulation arrangement for the cooling of dies.
  • Economic system to produce shallow drawn items like trays, plates, lunch and dinner boxes, lids, etc.
  • Also ideal for vacuum forming of plastic articles like cosmetic tray, seed trays, burger boxes, ampoules tray, partition trays, etc. and blister forming for wide varieties of food, pharma and consumer products like batteries, pencil cell, tooth brush. Etc.

Automatic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Thermoforming machine


Automatic Thermo forming Machines developed by Global Thermo formers specially caters to form Disposable containers from 50 ml to 300 ml. Wide range of thermoplastic viz. HIPS, PVC, PET, PP can be formed into tumblers, drinking glass, any deep drawn containers. Infrared ceramic heaters are used for pressure forming. Average speed of production is 1800 – cycles/hour.  This range of automatic thermo forming machine is available in aluminum & steel bodies, manufactured in accordance with the international quality parameters.


Features of  Automatic Thermoforming Machines:


  • Hi-tech self loading reel holder to load heavy large diameter reels.
  • The film in-feed is through the proven and tested high strength chain system which ensures high speed and precision feeding.
  • The film is heated either on one side or both depending on type of film & production requirement through true infrared ceramic heaters .
  • The forming station comprises of highly smooth and heavy duty mobile platens operated by air cylinders. The fine quality thin walled disposables are formed by automatic forming. The cooling is accomplished by chilled water generated by chiller of appropriate capacity.
  • Featured with a jet of air which automatically operates by ejection of the thin walled containers
  • An external control panel along with all necessary controls installed is provided for the setting up of the machine.
  • Cam controlled system

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