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Key Products : Mold Temperature Controller, Dehumidifying Dryer, Low Speed Granulator

Matsui Technologies India Ltd. (Matsui) is into quality plastic auxiliaryequipment’s. Matsui’s exists in 18 countries world-wide in the form of auxiliary equipment’s meant for plastic processing industries (for injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusions and stretch blow molding machines)and aim is not just to sell products and make profit, but to establish good rapport/goodwill with all people and society that make up Matsui’s huge and diverse customer base through the products and services in order to contribute to overall growth and gladness in the world over. The product range of Matsui includes the mold temperature controller, dehumidifying dryer, low speed granulators, hot air dryers and blenders.

Mold Temperature Controller

Matsui’s Mold Temperature Controller is a unit that promotes stable temperature. The MatsuiMold Temperature Controller is geared for high precision molding and safe to use. The temperature is displayed on the monitors with 0.1 degree accuracy. The temperature is controlled by the mold temperature controller with a precision of +/- 0.5 degrees. The Matsui mold temperature controller has specialized energy saving features such as reduction of heater’s “ON” time by 8 percent set at 120 degrees using water. The mold temperature controller’s high level of precision improves operational efficiency. Reinforced thermal insulation is available in the mold temperature controller. The size of the heaters as well as motors of the mold temperature controller is optimized for better performance and less energy consumption. These mold temperature controllers have the latest technology which makes them easy-to-use and highly precise. Available at competitive prices, the mold temperature controller has automatic controls which shut down on excessive heating.

Dehumidifying Dryer Manufacturer

The dehumidifying dryer provides stable low-dew point dry air of“ -40 degree centigrade” and a suction loader on a single platform. Components such as the adsorbent need not be replaced to maintain stable performance. The dehumidifying dryer uses Matsui’s reputed honeycomb rotor. A dew point of “-40 degree centigrade” is considered to be the best molding environment. The dehumidifying dryer has a dual hopper structure which enhances thermal insulation and achieves higher energy saving rate. The dehumidifying dryer has a compact design. The dryer and the loader of the dehumidifying dryer integrated into a simplified structural design. The dehumidifying dryer has components that are specially designed for long-term usage. The Matsui dehumidifying dryer is available at highly competitive prices.

Low Speed Granulator

The low speed granulator helps in easy-cleaningand low maintenance i.e. this granulator can be thoroughly clean without much problem. Matsui low speed granulators have the ability to open the fixed cutter and rotating. Furthermore, the removal of gaps between cutting and casing reduces the residual of granule piece and hence improving the cleaning performance of the low speed granulators. With the improvement of the processing system on the low speed granulators, the reliability of these parts has improved. These low speed granulators are equipped with a 2 limit switch at the opening and a 1 limit switch at the suction part. The low speed granulators use a motor breaker in its operation. Available at competitive prices, the low speed granulators are highly energy-efficient.

Hot Air Dryer & Loader

Matsui manufacturers Hopper Dryer which capacity ranges from 15Kg Capacity to 500 Kg Capacity. Cleaning of filter of the hot air dryer can be conducted by opening the front panel. Dual-hopper structure of the hot air dryer enhances thermal insulation and achieves higher energy saving rate. With dryer and loader integrated into a simplified structural design of the hot air dryer, the size of the hot air dryer has been drastically reduced. All models of the hot air dryer are equipped with SSR (non-contact relay) in the heater control unit. This reduces the need for maintenance and also promotes a sense of safety in the hot air dryer. These hot air dryers are available according to client specifications and at highly competitive prices.

Air Cooled Chillers

Matsui Water Cooled Chillers and Air Cooled Chillers  and  are manufactured in-house in capacity range from 3 TR to 100 TR. Higher capacity chillers with screw and centrifugal compressors are imported. Matsui Chillers with improved efficiency and functionality have powerful cooling ability, low noise , low vibration and high reliability.


With a wide range of available options, capacities and sustainable refrigerant range, Matsui is a world leader in process chiller segment.


Using latest technology and ultra modern compressors, Matsui has been able to achieve an extensive product line up for small, medium and large scale facilities, for all types of cooling applications.

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