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Key Products : Stretch Films, Cling films, Shrink films

Founded in 1986 by a joint venture between Kibbutz Na'aran and an experienced Italian producer, P.V.Ran started as a manufacturer of high quality P.V.C films that can be used for various purposes. Today, P.V.RAN has joined the DARNEL group, which is a worldwide group of Packaging manufacturers and sales organization based in North and South America, Europe and Middle east.


Spread over a huge surface area of 15000 square meters, 9000 of which are covered, the factory is a face of the company’s consistent performance.


Through its capacity to arrive at excellent standards, P.V.RAN has become a leading manufacturer of P.V.C films in the packaging industry. P.V.RAN has a wide range of packaging films to offer for the packaging industry as well as ones that can come to use for households.

Ranflex Stretch Films

Stretch Films


Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound.


Stretch films are an important component of modern food packaging.The shelf life of food products is of main concern when choosing the best packaging solution.'RANFLEX' stretch films can extend the shelf life of food products such as meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables.'RANFLEX' films allow products to breathe, keeping them fresh for long period.


RANFLEX is the trade name of all P.V.Ran’s Stretch and Cling products.

Double Layer Stretch Film CE/SAO

The Stretch products are rolls of film design for industry use for wrapping food items such as meat, vegetables,..etc


P.V.Ran has product families of STRETCH film, all of which can be produced from 8 up to 20 microns, with a maximum up to 2,000 meters in length.


CE/SMS – for hand wrap (manual use)

CE/SAO – for automatic machine (single layer film)

CE/SAO DL – for automatic machine (double layer film)

Cling Wrap Film

Cling Film


Cling Film is a thin plastic film typically used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. Plastic wrap, typically sold on rolls in boxes with a cutting edge, clings to many smooth surfaces and can thus remain tight over the opening of a container without adhesive or other devices.


P.V.Ran offers a wide verity of cling films, in the form of jumbo rolls design used for rewinding, beneficial for household and converters.


P.V.Ran hastwo products that can be produced from 7 up to 12 microns, with a maximum up to 6,000 meters in length.


CE/C2 film for factor 2

CE/C1 film for factor 1

Thickness Mic

Roll length Mt.

Colors Champagne Violet/Pink

Ranpac Shrink Film

Shrink Films


the trade name of PVRAN Shrink film is "RANPAC"


Shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied with a hand held heat gun (electric or gas) or the product and film can pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor.


Choosing the correct packaging is a critical factor in the presentation of every product on the market.Packaging not only protects the product, it helps to attract consumer attention and can be used as an important sales tool.


All P.V.Ran Stretch and Cling films have certified approvals for direct food contact and is at par with European directive and other standardizations.

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