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Super Olefins Pvt. Ltd. is established in the year 2001 as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of plastics packaging products like Shrink Film, LDPE Shrink Flat Film, Printed Shrink Film, LDPE Shrink Wrap Film, LDPE Tubular Shroud Shrinkable Film, LDPE Heavy Duty/Wide Width Film/Sheet/Geo-membrane, LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film, Micro Perforated Shrink Film, Drum Liners for pharma industry.


Super Olefins specialty is to manufacture tailor made products to suit the user’s requirement and to suit to user’s shrink tunnel requirement. Recognized as pharma supplier, Super Olefins product drum liners are widely used for direct contact applications (packing & dispensing).


Super Olefins efforts for the past two decades in making its products as one of the most sought after products in the domain. The products have high application shrink bundling of paper board and reams, glass bottles, collation shrink and others.


Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, as a pharma supplier, Super Olefins follow GMP to manufacture products in hygienic room conditions.


Super Olefins has and maintains a Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2008 – Certified by DNV in all its processes.


Products Manufactured & Applications from Super Olefins are


  • Drum Liners and Bags are used for packing and dispensing of Bulk Drugs, pharmaceuticals, Dye Intermediates, Bulk Coffee & Fruit pulp and various other products.
  • Shrink Wrap Film being used for collation and bundling of glass bottles, paper boards & reels and packaged drinking   water bottles, and also as outer pack for oil jars etc.
  • Tubular Shrink Shroud Film with side gussets, wide width upto 2450 mm tube width suitable for pallet shrink
  • LDPE Shrink Wrap Film with logo printing upto 1600 mm width flat with or without micro perforation suitable for paper reams, fabric rolls etc.
  • U fold or centre folds film for L bar sealers for FMCG packing.
  • Shrink Pouches or Bags for small size packs  
  • Stretch (Cling) film is used for pallet Wrapping, corrugated boxes, drums, textile yarn, engineering goods etc.

LDPE Shrink Wrap Film

The LDPE Shrink Wrap Film is manufactured with unique formulations of conventional & new generation polymers, which is cost effective and down gauging options for the end user industry in glass bottles, paper, packaged beverages industries and various other shrink bundling or collation shrink applications. 


Recently, in the area of LDPE Shrink Wrap Film, Super Olefins has successfully developed new formulations for shrink to suit to new generation, high speed and on line shrink bundling machines of European make like Clearpack & Polypack.

LDPE Black Wide Width Films

Geomembrane or canal lining films


Also called as Pond Lining Film, the Geomembrane or canal lining film/Sheet for geomembrane and canal laying is up to 500 microns thick or as per requirements. The geomembranes from Geomembrane or canal lining film/Sheet are sheet-like structures, which are commonly used in effluent pond lining to prevent ground water contamination. Geomembrane also used as canal lining to preserve water and also arrest seepage or drainage. Geomembrane or canal lining film/Sheet is also widely used in road constructions, which help self-life of road and highways. The Geomembrane or canal lining film/Sheet as geomembrane is used to prevent the release of gas or odors into buildings or into the environment, and also protects groundwater against spoilage with contaminated water.


These Geo membrane or canal lining film/Sheet geo-membranes are essential in waterproofing applications and help to protect new constructions against corrosion or water erosion. Geomembrane or canal lining film/Sheet is also used in containment, collection, and the conveyance of drinking water, helping to prevent water loss.

LDPE Tubular Shrink Wrap Films


LDPE Tubular Shrink Wrap Film is supplied up to 2450 mm width, with side gussets.
LDPE Tubular Shrink Wrap Film is used in packing pallet shrink, paper reams and wine bottles.
This LDPE Tubular Shrink Wrap Film is suitable for MSK machines


  • Pallet shrink film suitable for European pallets
  • Wine Bottles
  • Paper reams
  • Polymers or cement, fertilizers pallet shrink

LLDPE Stretch Wrap Films

LLDPE Stretch Pallet Wrap Film


LLDPE Stretch Pallet Wrap Film is used for pallet wrapping and or any product for collating or to protect from moist and contamination.  With the usage of LLDPE Stretch Pallet Wrap Film product integrity is protected. The LLDPE Stretch Pallet Wrap Film is available in manual and machine grades.


LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags


LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags are drum liners, liners/ poly liners and bags and polyethylene/ poly bags. This linear low and low density polyethylene are additive free. Applications of LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags are in packing, storing of bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food stuff.


The shelf life of LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags is longer, if not exposed to direct sunlight continuously. However, the LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags are advisable to be used within one year from the date of manufacture. The inputs and the manufacturing process of LDPE/LLDPE Lay Flat Bags do not contain or derived from any materials of animal origin.

Coloured Stretch Wrap Cling Films


Stretch Wrap Cling Film being manufactured on Blown Film Extrusion Plant using PIB (Poly-isobutylene) based Cling Agent in blend with LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), in a clean processing area taking utmost care. The Stretch Wrap Cling Film is a product made as per the customers’ specification ranging from 250 to 500 mm in width and with a minimum thickness of 20 microns.


The application of Stretch Wrap Cling Film is in Pallet Wrapping (Hand and Machine Wrapping), Wrapping of Fruits, Vegetables and Food Items, Wrapping of Bundles and stationary, rolls, shippers, steel coils, drums etc, Wrapping of Machinery, Engineering products, parts and other industrial products


The advantages are that Stretch wrap Cling Film is a tacky material with self adhesive properties and when wrapped a pallet it imparts firm grip over the contents and holds together. While, Stretch wrap Cling Film is light weight, clear and transparent transport worthy, weather resistant and keeps away water and dirt contamination with easy to handle and at cost effective features.

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