Company : Deepak Poly Plast

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : Plastic Raw Material, Tensile Testers

Deepak Poly Plast Pvt Ltd manufactures testing equipment for plastic raw material testing as well as product testing equipment including various types of universal tensile testers, produced to international standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, BS, etc. The range of testing equipment covers almost all test properties, including mechanical, electrical, rheological, thermal, etc.


At its ISO 9001:2000-certified facility in Ahmedabad, India, Deepak Poly Plast designs and manufactures testing equipment complying with European (CE) quality standards.


Deepak Poly Plast offers a complete lab set-up for testing various products like PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, rotational molded tanks, films, sheets, etc. conforming to national and international quality standards.

Tensile Test Equipment



Deepak’s universal tensile testing equipment is available in different models according to the application and force measurement capacity. The universal tensile testing equipment offers many features like computer interfacing, variable speed, self calibration window-based software for graphic presentation and flexible report generation.


The universal tensile test equipment is very effective in determining mechanical properties such as tensile, compression, flexural, peeling, bonding and ring stiffness, etc. The universal tensile test equipment is widely used for materials including plastic pipes, films, sheets, cables, water tanks, fabric, yarn, tape, etc.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Deepak Poly Plast manufactures the universal tensile test equipment complying with the national and international quality standards such as BS, IS, ASTM, DIN.


Deepak Poly Plast also offers different types of die punches and templates for specimen preparation and different types of grips to hold different types of specimens like rigid, film, fabric, yarn, pipe, sheet, etc.

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