Company : Foursome Enterprises

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Plants, Tube Making Machinery

Foursome Enterprises is a NSIC and DUN & Bradstreet Global Database service Certified company(D&B D-U-N-S Number : 91-850-3926) and it specializes in PVC heat shrinkable film and tube making machinery. The company offers machinery to produce PVC heat shrinkable film / tube / PVC heat shrinkable sleeve. Foursome's extruders are widely used for PVC heat shrinkable tube / film / PVC heat shrinkable sleeve. The other product range includes gluing machines (seaming machines) for shrink film, label cutting machine, cap (capsule, cap seals) forming machine for shrink tube and PVC heat shrink cap seal for LPG cylinder valve.


Foursome has developed a dedicated R&D facility on PVC shrinkable film technology. The company has experienced pool of talent to provide comprehensive plant planning and equipment.

PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Plant

Foursome offers PVC heat shrinkable film plants in different models such as FE –45 W, FE-55 W and FE/65. Foursome’s PVC heat shrinkable film offers many benefits. The PVC heat shrinkable film adds glossiness, high transparency, durability, water resistance to several packaging products used for food beverage products and sports goods. The company has developed innovative PVC heat shrinkable film making equipment and improved machine performance.


The 45 C model machine in the PVC heat shrinkable film plants category is equipped with hot air chamber and produces heat shrink packing grade film.

PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

Foursome designs PVC heat shrinkable sleeve type machinery as per customer specifications. The PVC heat shrinkable sleeve type machinery is available in different types. The company upgrades the PVC heat shrinkable sleeve machines to meet the demands of the industry. Storage of PVC heat shrinkable sleeve is essential due to the special built-in properties.


The PVC heat shrinkable sleeve / film needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. Proper care should be taken to avoid direct sun rays on the PVC heat shrinkable sleeve / film. Foursome manufactures PVC heat shrinkable sleeve / film in different grades.

Heat Shrinkable Tube Making

Foursome manufactures world-class PVC heat shrinkable tube making machines. The latest PVC heat shrinkable tube model from the company is FE 35 HV. The FE 35 HV PVC heat shrinkable tube making machine is an extruder horizontally mounted above six feet height on steel structure and produce tube vertically down. The PVC heat shrinkable tube mainly used for packaging high class articles such as bottle caps, dry battery cells, LPG valves cap seals, etc.


The PVC heat shrinkable tube making machine also manufactures other products including capacitors, buss bar for electrical insulation, welding rod box outer wrapping and pesticides aluminium cans. The PVC heat shrinkable tube making machines are used for making TV antenna pipe, refrigeration industries and endless application. The PVC heat shrinkable tube making machines come with graver printing facilities.

Gluing & Seaming Machines

Foursome offers gluing machine (seaming machine) (model FE GM300) for shrink film.

The gluing machines (seaming machines) are available at competitive price and the company ensures long lasting performance of the plant. Foursome’s gluing machines (seaming machines) come with a variety of features such as special purpose PVC shrink film GLUING machine and material (PVC shrink film).


The gluing machines run at a speed of 65 to 70meters/min. The label width produced by the gluing machines will be in the range of 40mm to 300mm. The maximum role size of glued film will be 20in in diameter.

High Speed Mixer Machine

The high-speed mixer from Foursome is FE-HSM. The new model is a special purpose blend of PVC compounding machine. The machine blends PVC resin and other chemicals at a capacity of 75kg/hr. 

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