Company : Hanwool Corporation

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : Mixing Machinery, Extruder Machinery, Sheeting Machinery

Established in 1990 as Fine Machinery Ind. Co. Ltd (FMICL), the organization began its operations as a manufacturer and a global leader of plastic and rubber forming process machinery. FMICL has continually evolved itself in the field of plastic and rubber industry including advanced material processing through continuous investment and research to achieve the top quality and technology.


FMICL’s management philosophy is focused on customers' cost reduction as well as providing top quality machinery and engineering service. FMICL's high performance machineries and joint-venture company in Indonesia will facilitate your cost save and HANWOOL Corporation, as FMICL's subsidiary company, will provide the professional engineering service for your convenient business in the plastics and rubber industries.

Dispersion Kneader Mixing Machinery

Mixing Machinery (Dispersion Kneader, Open Kneader, Continuous Kneader, Mixing Roller)

Mixing Machinery of FMICL has excellent mixing & dispersion performance and enables mixing capability of various materials. Mixing Machinery also saves costs as its easy & simple maintenance and minimization of contamination.

Plastic Extruder Machinery

Extruder Machinery ( Single Extruder, Co-rotating Twin Extruder, Tapered Conical Twin Extruder)

FMICL's extruders feature high quality & efficient performance, durability and excellent cooling effect. Also, it provides easy & simple maintenance and improved operational safety. It can be applied to wide range of industries, from food to cosmetics and materials for electric parts.

Straining & Extruder Machines

Compound and Pelletizing System (Strand Cutting System, Hot Cutting System, Underwater Cutting System)

FMICL offers different models of pelletizing machines based on raw materials including wide range of advanced materials as per customers' demands FMICL's machineries can fully support various customers' demands with its high quality and durability performance.

Pelletizing & Machineries

Other products (Special Purpose Machineries, Used machineries)

FMICL's service is including special purpose machineries such as Laboratory Machines, Test Equipment or customized machineries.

HanWool's service is specialized in used machineries too. We assure to provide the best quality machineries (made in Korea) including rubber & plastics machineries and machine tool (NC/CNC).

TPR Sheet Machine

Sheeting Machinery (Auto Universal Sheet Machine, TPR Sheet Machine, Excellent Mill Sheet Machine)

Sheeting machineries can be used for rubber, plastic or thermo plastic and/or even advanced materials. It can reduce labour costs based on improved operational efficiency due to its continuous work capability, excellent cooling effect, easy & simple maintenance and improved operational safety.

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