Company : Hotset GmbH

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : hotspring Coil Heaters, hotcontrol Thermocouples and RTDs, hotflex Flexible Tubular Heaters

Isolite High temperature lubriciant with boron nitride

  • Excellent lubricant high temperature resistance up to 900 °C
  • Protection against oxidation
  • Electrical insulating
  • Excellent release properties in contact with molten metals, glass and slags as well as plastics and rubber
  • Aids installation and removal of cartridge heaters

hotspring® coil heater

For heating applications:

  • Hot runner nozzles with and without wattage distribution
  • Small hot runner distribution plates
  • Sealing bars and jaws for packaging machines
  • Machine nozzles for plastics and die-casting industries

hotslot® nozzle heater with power distribution

  • Pressed-in coil heater with user-defined groove profile
  • Reproducible power distribution
  • Minimal wall thickness for reduced clearances
  • Lowest power available in the middle of a nozzle
  • Brass as cylinder raw material
  • Same connection options as hotspring coil heaters

hotrod® cartridge heaters

For heating applications:

  • Packaging machines
  • Extruders
  • Casting machines
  • Hot melt
  • Cutting knives
  • Analytical equipment in laboratories

hotflex® flexible tubular heater

  • Easy installation with a uniform finish
  • Can be formed by hand
  • Stored in a straight condition to save storage space
  • No special installation tools required
  • Patented technology ensures industry leading heat transfer

hotcontrol built-in temperature controllers

Single channel temperature controllers for use in:

  • Hot runner applications
  • Machines for plastics processing
  • Packaging machines
  • Ovens
  • Food processing
  • Dryers, etc.

hotcontrol thermocouples – rtds

General information for all thermocouples and RTDs

  • All dimensions are subject to general tolerances according to DIN 2768-m. Our tolerances in most cases exceed DIN 2768-m standards. Exact tolerances for your item are available on request.
  • All thermocouples can be produced with ANSI color code. Other standards are available on request.
  • All dimensions for mineral insulated thermocouples are subject to tolerances according to EN 61515.