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Key Products : Static mixer solutions for extrusion and injection molding, Foam extrusion systems, melt coolers

Promix Solutions AG, the market leader of static mixer solutions in the plastics processing industry is a “spin-off” of Sulzer, the founder of static mixing technology. Promix offers solutions for effective cost savings and product quality improvements in plastics processing and serves the plastics processing industry a number of reliable solutions including mixing nozzles, melt blenders, foam extrusion systems and melt coolers.


The company relies on more than 30 years of experience and 40’000 project references worldwide. Providing high quality services for various applications, Promix maintains technical leadership by continuously developing its products and services in its own lab facilities or in co-operation with selected partners.


The headquarters of Promix Solutions AG is located in Winterthur, Switzerland. A second facility is located in Linden, Germany where a broad inventory stock allows a fast access to most static mixer solutions. An extensive and well established network of partners and agents provides easy and efficient customer access to Promix products and services

Mixing Nozzles for Injection Molding

Processing problems in injection molding such as the formation of color streaks are frequently solved by modifying the process parameters. But in cases involving self-coloring of products, this approach is often only partially successful. Masterbatch concentration and screw back pressure have to be increased in such cases, leading to a substantial inflation of production costs. Through installation of a static mixer - so called mixing nozzles, Promix Solutions offers a simple but ingenious solution to any molder aiming to produce qualitatively high-grade plastic parts at reasonable cost. Our mixing nozzles for injection molding assure you consistently homogeneous melt, guaranteed by their patented geometry. Benefits of using mixing nozzles for injection molding are obvious: better quality of the produced part, reduced colorant consumption, fewer rejects, lower costs and greater return.


Promix Mixing Nozzles replace the existing nozzle of your injection molding machine and are delivered for ready- to-install within just 3 weeks. The nozzle is installed in next to no time allowing immediate continuation of your production.

Promix Foam Extrusion Systems

Save money with microcellular foams and get the unique, license free retrofit solution. With Promix foam extrusion system, conventional extrusion lines can be quickly and easily turned into foam extrusion lines. Promix Solutions analyzes your current extrusion process on suitability for foaming and offers a customized retrofit solution for your application. The patented technology, foam extrusion system, relies on cost-saving and eco-friendly gases such as CO2 and nitrogen. The retrofit solution is suitable for both, substitution of chemical foaming additives with physical blowing agents and conversion from solid to foam production. The investment usually pays back within just a few months.


Promix Foam Extrusion Systems are installed downstream of the existing extruder barrel and consist of components for fluid injection, homogenization and cooling. The blowing fluid is provided by a high precision gas dosing station. Depending on the application, the existing extruder configuration and the desired foam specification, we will provide you with a customized solution for your individual process.

Melt Blenders for Extrusion

The production of high-quality products also takes top priority in extrusion processes. Uneven wall thickness, long cooling time, flow lines or other quality issues are often limiting the maximum production capacity. Promix melt blenders for extrusion process overcome such limitations effectively and lead to significant cost savings. Many processors could also increase the production capacity of their extrusion line.


The static mixer or melt blender is usually installed after the screen changer and gear pump in front of the die. The melt blender usually consists of four to six mixing elements which homogenize the polymer melt in a radial direction. This ensures a high mixing degree of the melt entering the die which leads to high quality end products. The product is usually supplied as a complete system including housing, adapters and heating.


These melt blenders are used in various applications such as cable sheathing, compounding, extrusion blow molding, XPS foam boards, sheet & profile extrusion, pipe extrusion, thin film & blown film extrusion and rigid PVC & rubber extrusion.


Promix melt blenders benefits:


  • Higher throughput
  • Excellent distribution of all additives
  • Consistent quality and optimal inflow of melt into the die
  • Elimination of flow lines
  • Homogenous temperature and velocity


Promix offers you effective static mixer and melt blender solutions including extrusion housings at low investment cost.

Melt Coolers and Heat Exchangers

In many processes the total line capacity can be significantly increased, thanks to improved cooling.


Promix Solutions offers a wide variety of highly efficient melt coolers and heat exchangers for high viscosity fluids and melts. During cooling or heating process, the melt is homogenized over the whole cross section, leading to effective heat exchange with minimal risk of foul (building of deposits). Because of the very narrow residence time distribution there is a minimal risk of product decomposition.


In cooling processes viscous fluids tend to deposit at the cooling wall sections (fouling) leading to reduced cooling efficiency. In the Promix Melt Cooler (PMC) the melt flows in a single stream through the cooler. The cooling media flows in special pipe bundles arranged similar to those of the Promix mixing elements. The intense mixing together with the very high heat exchange surface area leads to effective cooling with very limited risk of fouling. Due to a void volume of about 75 % the resulting pressure drop in a PMC is rather low. The PMC can as well be used for gentle heating with only small temperature difference between heating media and fluid.

Static Mixers and Heat Exchangers

Static mixing is mixing of fluids without moving parts. Static mixers rely on tubular internals to produce desired mixing and dispersion effects as the melt flows through motionless mixer parts. Promix static mixer solutions are designed to equalize melt in homogeneities and reduce temperature gradients with highest effectiveness, low shear stress and minimum pressure drop.

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