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Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : Air Cooling Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Mica Insulated Heaters, Ceramic Insulated Heaters, Temperature Controller System

Established in the year 1983, Safi Rezistans has established a well-known and prominent position in the domestic and international market with our quality work, good customer service and durability. We are conceived with a notion to provide world class and supreme quality heating elements.  Our all products are customized heaters and we do not have any standard.

We provide products such as Cartridge heaters, air cooling heaters, ceramic insulated heaters, Mica insulated heaters, temperature controller system etc. Our products are extensively used in industries including plastic, textile, rubber, footwear and chemical.

We have established our brand where our quality and work speaks louder than words. We always ensure that all materials are thoroughly checked for required quality parameters in order to guarantee long-lasting and reliable operation.

Our ethical business strategies and customer centric approach has earned us the trust and confidence of our esteemed clientele. The precision and quality of our products are the result of our years of experience and expertise.

Safi Rezistans uses a multi-faced approach focused on:

  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Affordability
  • Customer Support


Air Cooling Heaters

Air cooling heaters are designed for super efficient and economical cooling on extrusion and blow molding machines.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Replacement
  • Improves Quality of finished products
  • Space Saving
  • Increases Productivity

Cartridge Heaters

Our Cartridge Heaters are used for heating metal parts by inserting into drilled holes. These heaters are made slightly undersize relative to their nominal diameter.

Cartridge heaters with thermocouplescan be used in a wide range of applications such as:

  •     Heating Fluids
  •     Heating Platens
  •     Sealing Bards
  •     Forming
  •     Hot Stamping

Mica Insulated Heaters

We manufacture an extensive range of Mica Insulated Heaters that are used for various processes such as plastic process machinery, rubber molding, test equipment, etc. We also provide Mica Insulated Strip heaters based on our client’s requirements. They are known for their reliability and economic use. Mica insulated resistances are wound to computer designed specifications for superior heat uniformity.


  • Heating of cylindrical tools, flanges, plastification cylinders and for other industrial heating applications.

Ceramic Insulated Heaters

Safi Rezistans are renowned as the foremost Ceramic fibre heater manufactures across the globe. Ceramic Insulated Heaters are extremely efficient and they are used for various industrial and commercial applications. We manufacture Ceramic Insulated Strip Heaters in a full line of standard sizes, electrical ratings and terminations, and based on our clients requirements.


  • They are used in Heating of cylindrical tools, flanges, plastification cylinders and for other industrial heating applications.

Temperature Controller System

We offer Temperature Controller System in a modular and PC based design. Our Temperature Controllersare compatible with all industry standards and mainframe systems. They contain many user-friendly features.

Our Process and temperature controllers are advanced and affordable hot temperature control systems designed for ease of use, reliability and precise temperature control.

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