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Established in 2001 Team Thermoformings and Allieds, Bangalore, specializes in manufacturing Thermoforming Machinery, Extruders, Moulds and Accessories. Since inception the company had consistently grown its production capacity every year and made considerable impact in this market in the country and abroad.


Machines have successfully installed in most states of India / Middle East / African Countries.


Servo Driven Thermoforming Machine

Servo Driven Thermoforming Machine Model TMF - Servo Master

TMF Servo Master is an all Servo Thermoforming machine for forming applications. Though it incorporates an all electric toggle mechanism, it combines the power of hydraulics and speed of the pneumatics. This machine has been designed to deliver high acceleration, high force applications and long life.


  • Machine functions are controlled by 4-axis position controlled PLC operating system
  • Clamping forces range from 30 to 40 tonnes
  • Mould closing unit is based on a 5 point toggle lever mechanism with closed lubrication system. A servo motor with gear operates the toggle lever to offer platen speeds of more than 500mm /sec. This translates into fast and highly dynamic process movements and short dry cycle times.
  • The moving mould platen is supported by high precision linear guides
  • Each axis is close loop controlled and can be activated simultaneously
  • Main drive servo motor comes with high speed emergency stop. It also has a mechanism to warn if the machine encounters a dangerous operating condition
  • Machine is offered with 18 different speeds



Single Cam Thermoforming Machine

Single Cam Thermoforming Machine - Model TMF PPS


These high speed Thermoforming Machines are mechanically driven by cam and follower system. They are ideal for in-station forming and cutting of containers with flat or semi rolled (bent lip) edges. These machines use moulds with built-in punching dies that guarantee complete concentricity of forming and cutting. This ensures high outputs from moulds with small number of cavities.


  • The mechanical drive guarantees repetition of forming and cutting cycles , with absolute accuracy of time, speed and quality.
  • Indexing of plastic sheet is controlled by a toothed chain to minimize wastage.
  • Ceramic heaters are controlled by PID temperature controls. Lower heating bank with PP controls is also available.
  • Reel holder with automatic unwinding and wastage rewind units are standard features.

Servo-Crank Thermoforming Machine

Equipped with the latest version of servo motor technology, greater ability, stronger, applicable to interchange as expected, free forming limitation. The mould closing unit stands out by many innovative details and is based on a dual crank lever mechanism. A servo motor with gear operates the crank lever means fast and highly dynamic process movements and very short dry-cycle times.

Flexible Stacking System

Flexible Stacking System (Automatic Cup Stacker)


The TEAM stacking system offers a flexible and reliable stacking solution designed for high-speed production, complete with low maintenance, an ergonomic working height of one meter at the end of the conveyor belt with large buffer capacity.


Automatic cup stacker mostly using the configuration principle of the plastic cups, adopt the combined convey device of mechanism driving, flat conveyer belt and round conveyer belt.


  • The low maintenance, Team stacking system offer a flexible and reliable stacking solution with ergonomic working height at end of the conveyor with large buffer capacity. It is designed for high speed production

Sheet Extrusion Line

Salient features of Extruder The machine is used for manufacturing plastic sheets of PP, PS, HIPS, etc. The sheet-line machine is a combination of extruder, calendar, winder and electric control console.




  • The screw and barrel are made of high quality alloy steel EN- 41 B with optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance.
  • The roughness spectrum of rollers range from high mirror gloss surfaces with a roughness value up to Rmax < 0.3 µm.
  • The temperature of die, screen changer and barrel are separately controlled by PID temperature control.
  • The extruder gear box consists of a combination of gear unit and flanged axial bearing. It helps in self aligning of roller bearings. Also has capability of absorbing the high thrust load induced by the process.

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