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Acros Pvt. Ltd., was established 3 decades ago.  Since inception, Acros has always given importance to quality & consistency. With a mission that have progressively invested in the latest machinery with cutting edge technology and backed it up with qualified, dedicated and highly trained personnel to enhance the company strengths.

The company treatsits Customers as their partners in progress.  The company have constantly improved to accommodate the critical needs of customers and the demanding applications for which the components are used.  These endeavours have ensured that Acros is a one stop destination for all types of the thermoformed engineering plastics components.  With a fully-fledged tool room, with a proactive approach towardsthe customers in R&D, mould development and new product initiatives.


Over the period of time, Acros has emerged as the favoured manufacture of thermoformed engineering plastics components for several leading industries, prestigious project and path breaking applications.



Thermoforming Plastics Technologies

Thermoforming is one of the most rapidly growing plastics processing technologies. The process offers the advantage in terms of low tooling cost, quick turn around time, initial low investment, and wide varieties of engineering and commodity plastic sheets to match the end applications. The sheets are available in standard and custom colors, thicknesses and plain to textured surfaces.  


We are equipped to offer the formed parts up to the size of 3000 mm x 2000mm and deep drawing of up to 600 mm. We are equipped to offer the parts with undercuts, inserts and assembled to use it as ready to use parts. The formed parts are trimmed on the multi axis CNC routers to offer close tolerance cutting.



Some of the advantages:



  • Mold cost is much lower than injection molding
  • Faster prototype & development time for new products
  • A wide range of Engineering Plastics to Choose from
  • Finish that can match injection molded articles
  • Can achieve complex shapes and minimum number of components
  • Consistent quality & fast productivity at economic prices.


Plastic Pressure Forming

Pressure Forming makes it possible to obtain highly detailed parts and textured finishes. The pressure forming process offers injection-molded quality and details at a much lower price for the small quantity requirement when compared to injection molding.


Pressure Forming uses air pressure as a forming aid to increase the detail on the mold side. The result to the customer is a product that achieves the look and feel of an injection or structural foam molded parts. 
The higher quality finish is achieved which leads to sharp edges, undercuts and other close tolerance details.


Plastics Fabrication Services

The Company also offers custom plastic fabrication services. We design and fabricate products utilizing the latest CAD/CAM applications.  We are equipped with CNC production fixtures including router tables and milling machines. With production of numerous products for a diverse array of clients in many sectors. 

Many of our customers have been with us since start up.  They return because we provide innovative ideas and cost effective solutions.  They return because of consistent quality and prompt & reliable service.  You will find that you can rely on ACROS for your custom fabrication needs.

Assembly Services

As an extension of value addition to the customers, the company offers the assembly of the thermoformed parts. The operations offered include routing (both computer controlled and hand operated), drilling, milling, chemical / adhesive bonding, riveting and painting.   

The assembly of parts is done with the help of the jigs and fixtures to offer consistency in assembled parts for better fitment.   

ACROS has developed a variety of technically efficient and quality conscious vendors in rubber and plastic extruding and molding, metal forming, CNC machining, welding, screen printing, plating, painting and packaging. This sublet vendor service allows us to provide one stop shopping for all components required for assemblies.

CNC Milling Machines

With two multi axis CNC routers have capability to cut the parts up to the size of 1500 mm x 3000mm X 600mm. we have been using CNC milling machines for trimming thermoformed parts. With CNC milling the cutting of contour and trim variations can be realized easily, quickly, economically and above all it is extremely precise! This is possible without the need for additional special tooling, angle heads or any other resources.


Parts manufactured by the process of thermoforming from Engineering plastics are making rapid inroads in a variety of new applications, due to the ability to produce very large dimension components in relatively smaller quantities.  They are presently used in the automobile industry, coach interiors, mass transport, interior panels of ambulances, materials handling systems, lighting covers & signage to name a few.


The combination of desirable product properties, overall weight reduction and easy maintenance, make thermoformed engineering plastics the product of choice for an array of end users which keep growing consistently.

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