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Category : Semi-Finished Materials and Stock Shapes

Key Products : Wheel Spacers, Pvc Chamfer, Plastic Spacer, Chair Spacer, PVC Tube

Gurbetçiler Plastik San. Tic. A.? was established in 1985 and has been contributing to the country’s economy by manufacturing the high-quality plastic related materials. We have been in this field for more than 30 years and we deal with plastic materials such as plastic mascara and building accessories and plastic accessories.

Backed by a strong infrastructure, we strive to proffer extraordinary materials to our clients with our flawless range. Our dedicated professionals strive hard to meet our client’s requirements. Gurbetçiler Plastik San. Tic. A.? manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machines that allow us to fabricate materials based on the industry standards. We are serving our international customers with continuous enhancement and exceptional customer service and value-added services to all customers.

Our partnerships with internationally leading plastics producers ensure high-quality plastic materials. Our company produces 24 hours full capacity production for the sectors including electrical and textile, plastic, construction sectors.

Our product range includes:

  • Plastic Spacer Elements
  • Mold Assist. Malz. Plastic Group
  • Mold Assist. Malz. Plastic Tapa Group
  • Mold Assist. Malz. Profile Group
  • Mold Assist. Malz. Metal Group
  • Mold Oil
  • Anchor Assemblers and Separators
  • Plastic Insulation Assist. Malz
  • Plastic Fine Construction Material
  • Plastic Electrical Installation Material
  • Plastic Textile Assist. Malz
  • Plastic Industry Asst. Malz
  • Roof and Insulation Assist. Malz
  • Drinking Water Treatment Systems Assist. Malz

The product portfolio of Gurbetçiler Plastik San. Tic. A.? includes:

Plastic Wheel Spacers

Plastic wheel spacers are extensively used plastic circular spacers for precast and on site concrete applications. These Plastic Spacer Wheel products are commonly used in various industries. Rebar Spacer Wheel & wire mesh are suitable for both reinforcing mesh and bar in slab-on-ground applications.

These spacers are made with potent materials and they have a flat base to reduce penetration through the waterproof membrane.

PVC Chamfer Manufacturer

Plastic PVC Chamfer is ideal for pre-cast and tilt-up construction of supporting wood forms. This Plastic Chamfer Product is made using PVC and is ideal as it cleans up easily. High Quality PVC Chamfer is stackable for storage and they create a smooth finish for better look. We are the foremost PVC Chamfer Manufacturer since 30+ years and we are known for delivering the high-quality products.

PVC Chamfers are also used to creating durable outside corners on concrete columns as well as on walls, beams.  These chamfer strips can be used to perform important functions in preventing leakage of concrete, removing requirement of rubbing or stoning.

Advantages of Chamfers:

Chamfers are used for making beautiful lines on concrete buildings. They can be used for making smooth finished edges on the outside of columns, beams or walls. They provide pleasing lines as well as safer corners for pedestrian traffic.


  • Chamfers deliver exceptional performance value and service life.
  • They are available in custom lengths.

Plastic Spacer

Plastic Spacer should only be used in non-critical locations and should not be used for structural members with higher physical and temperature loading forces. Concrete Plastic Spacer prevents rebars from corrosion, protects them from fire and also helps to present appropriate transfer of stresses from concrete to plastic bars.  Plastic Rebar Concrete Spacer is used to perform this task.

As plastic is a different material than concrete and has various co efficiencies than concrete. So, plastic spacer for reinforced construction is very useful for this purpose. Concrete Spacers are made from high strength concrete and they bond perfectly with the surrounding concrete.


Plastic Spacers are widely used in textile machineries, construction projects, printing press, medical lab, leather tanneries, mines, automobiles and many more.

Chair Spacer

Chair Spacer is used for all types of horizontal applications and they are used in pre-cast concrete yards and on sites. To carry out heavy duty applications, such as foundations, and base plate construction, Super Grip Chair Spacers are used. They firmly holds reinforcement bars up to 32 mm, diameter and avoids bar movements. Plastic Rebar Chair Spacers are used to secure or reinforce concrete structures as the rebars are assembled in place prior to the final concrete pour.

Round concrete plastic rebar chair spacers are used to support rebar on a deck that includes radial grounding, heavy duty laying and beams. They prevent the chairs from tipping over. However, these round concrete plastic rebar chair spacers can also be used sideways on cages, columns and precast forms.

PVC Tube Manufacturers

PVC Tube proffers a broad range of chemical and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, excellent abrasion, rubber-like flexibility, visual contact with the flow (House styles, clear PVC tubing), and outstanding flow characteristics.

Various construction options are offered along with these features of Rigid PVC tube such as wire or braid reinforcement, rigid pipe, unreinforced and the different formulations available and also make PVC attractive for so many applications.

PVC plastic tube is used for many applications such as food and beverages, potable water lines, industrial, oils, fuels, pharmaceutical and medical, and mechanical applications including protective coverings and insulation sleeving.

PVP Pipe sleeve is added with the proficiency to have a product custom made to fit exact requirements.


PVP tubes are used in industries such as beverage transfer, air & gas lines, conduit, dairy processing, floor cleaning equipments, irrigation systems, material handling, mining pumps, vacuum lines, medical appliance components, general water suction and discharge, environmental suits, electroplating, dairy processing, instrumentation, Laboratory & Research, Mold Coolant Lines and Water & Fluid Lines.


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