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Natty Team Group of companies (Natty Team Corporation (m) sdn bhd, Natty Team Marketing sdn bhd, Ntc Roto sdn bhd) started the business as manufacturer and marketer of quality plastic materials to be used in the playground and outdoor equipment industry. In Malaysia, playground equipment manufacturers are dependent on overseas suppliers for HDPE boards. Therefore, they are forced to pay high prices and subject themselves to inflexible trade requirements. This vacuum in local supplies provides an opportunity as we have developed a technique to manufacture these HDPE boards locally. By offering a cheaper alternative of HDPE boards to these manufacturers, we are poised to position ourselves as a major supplier of such materials with relatively no competition in the Malaysian market.


Through their persistence to innovation on HDPE sheet, NATTY TEAM has been successfully generating plenty of new play elements to the playground industry with emphasis to safety, quality and play value. It has leaded the local playground components into a new era and was a milestone in the development of educational equipment in Asian country.  With our high quality products and the continuous support gained from our customers, NATTY TEAM has successfully getting a substantial market share in Malaysia.


Being the pioneer on HDPE playground components supplier, NATTY TEAM has expanded the business as Rotational Mould manufacturer to suit the market demand. All products are manufactured in compliance with international safety standard and the plastic is designed to offer greater rigidity and includes a fully formulated long term UV stabilization package (with a minimum UV-14 rating).


NATTY TEAM manufacturing a wide range of single and multi-color HDPE plastic sheets. These plastic sheets are used for producing Panel, Roof, Safety Stair, Slide and all type of play event for children playground. NATTY TEAM develops customized designs through CNC routing, engraving and assembly of various plastic components.


In addition, NATTY TEAM also provides services on designing metal mould for all type of LMDPE Mould products in children playground industry.

LMDPE Finished Products

LMDPE - Linear Medium Density Polyethylene has the best overall properties for rotational molded components used in Landscape Forms’ products. They combine good stiffness and impact strength. They have a lower melting temperature making them desirable for rotationally molding.

HDPE Panel Design Signboard

HDPE Panel Specification


HDPE is designed to offer greater rigidity and includes a fully formulated long term UV stabilization package (with a minimum UV-14 rating). The HDPE panel complies with Australian Food Contact requirements (AS2070:1, 8) and Potable Water standard AS4020.


Property Value Unit Test Method
Density 0.945 g/cm³ ASTM D 792
Melt Index, Condition
190° C/2.16kg
4.1 g/10 min. ASTM D1238
ESCR, Condition A, F50
(100% Igepal CCO-630)
15 H ASTM D1693
Tensile Strength @ Yield 2 in
(50mm) per min.
3100 psi
psi ASTM D 638
 Type I
Elongation @ Break 2 in
(50mm) per min.
220 % ASTM D 638
 Type I
Flexural Modulus MPa
Crosshead speed: 2 mm/min
Support span distance: 82mm
psi ASTM D790


HDPE - High Density Polyethylene has greater strength and higher tensile properties. It is the primary polyethylene used for milk, food and detergent containers which are recycled and used in Landscape Forms’ Polysite® seat boards.


Natty Team Group of Companies will introduce HDPE products as its maiden core product. These HDPE boards come in 4ft by 8ft boards (5mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm thicknesses) and are available in multi-layer colours. These HDPE boards has the same quality and standards with imported ones and are approved and safe to be used as building materials for children’s playground equipment.

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