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Reprocessed Material - Impact™, Virgin - P-Flex I Thermoplastic Elastomer

ACI Plastics
ACI Plastics

Closed Loop Recycling

Closed Loop Recycling - We have developed and patented a number of specialized technologies that provide a means for our customers to recover and recycle the plastic scrap they generate. These materials are reprocessed and rejuvenated so they may be used in their originally intended application. 

Reprocessed Resins - We provide reprocessed thermoplastic resins for injection mold and extrusion applications. Our recycled materials perform with the same characteristics, quality, consistency and predictability as the virgin resins they replace. All of this is combined with a significant cost savings compared to the cost of virgin materials. 

Separation Expertise - Our expertise lies in separating various contaminates from valuable reusable thermoplastic materal. Our separation services include; multi-layer separation, paint removal, optical sorting, and electro-static separation.

Virgin P-Flex I Product - In addition to our reprocessed resins we also compound custom virgin resin Pflex-i Thermoplastic Elastomer. This product can be produced in any duro or color required.

ACI Plastics can offer your company many solutions to produce great products with considerable cost savings, in addition to helping keep our environment clean. For further inquiries on our products and services please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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