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Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co Ltd

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anti-vibration mounts, vibration isolation and shock absorption products

Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co Ltd
Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co Ltd

Anti-vibration mounts

An extensive range of anti-vibration mounts, vibration isolation and shock absorption products are available from the company which has been serving the AV mount requirements in industry at large for over 27 years.

Specialising in rubber to metal bonded mounts in standard and custom designs including bobbin mounts, stud mounts, torsion bushes and machine mounts, the company can configure special rubber mountings and rubber bushes using natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, or other elastomers to customer specifications.   The range of torsion bushes is used in numerous automotive applications for chassis isolation and shock reduction in modern high performance sports cars and also in 4x4 leaf spring mountings to provide both a flexible mounting and tolerance compensation whilst reducing shock transmission.  Tooling exists to suit suspension bush requirements for numerous classic cars.

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Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co Ltd
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