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Bip (oldbury) limited
Bip (oldbury) limited

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BIP holds a unique place in the history of plastics, worldwide. Founded in 1894, it is the oldest polymer material manufacturer in the UK, by far, and amongst the oldest in the world. Its place in the history of plastics was assured when its chemists patented the world’s first ‘water-white’ thermoset resin in 1924.

In order to encourage wider use of this revolutionary material - with the unusual tradename of Beetle® - the company found it necessary to purchase its own moulding plant, The Streetly Manufacturing Company Limited in 1929. This thinking, and confidence, that “if industry can’t supply what we want, then we’ll make it ourselves” led, significantly, to the setting up of its own tool making company, BIP Tools Limited, in 1936 and, 13 years later, its own moulding press manufacturing company BIP Engineering Limited.

By the mid-1950s, the extent and depth of BIP’s involvement in the plastics moulding industry was considerable and, without doubt, unique. Furthermore, its speciality resins took the company into aircraft manufacture, boat building, construction, iron foundries, the production of furniture and wood laminates, paint manufacture, paper treatment, textile finishing and building insulation. All this from a ”small, smelly pot shed” beside a canal in the English West Midlands.

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Bip (oldbury) limited
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