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Cammthane Pty Ltd
Cammthane Pty Ltd


Cammthane is an Australian, family owned company. Adrian and Cheryl van de Ven formed the company in 1988 to service the local steel industry as well as supplying various rubber companies with polyurethane rolls. Initially, just a roller recovering company, we expanded our range of polyurethane products to include moulded parts for industries such as timber and automotive. We later included a large variety of parts to service the mining industry.

We diversified our range of materials to include Engineering Plastics. With the addition of these products we are able to offer the customer the full range of materials and be sure you get the material most suitable for your application. Our range of Engineering Plastics is ever expanding and we ensure we keep up to date with the latest materials.

Cammthane have formed alliances with some of the leading companies in the plastic, engineering and rubber fields. If we are unable to produce the part in house, we are able to source your requirements from these partners. We believe these partnerships ensure our customer is provided with the total solution.

Our biggest asset is the staff of Cammthane. We have built a team that has enormous pride in what they do. Each person has the knowledge and the skills to ensure that their role in the process is carried out in a professional manner. The common goal of all Cammthane employees is complete customer satisfaction.

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Cammthane Pty Ltd
18 Rivulet Crescent
Albion Park Rail 2527
New South Wales, Australia
Tel: +61 2 42573201
URL: www.cammthane.com.au

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