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Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation
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The Company was incorporated and registered with the SEC on February 10, 1989 as Crown Asia Compounders Corporation. On September 29, 2014, the SEC approved the change of the Company’s name to “Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation”. Its primary purpose is to engage in, operate, conduct and maintain the business of manufacturing, importing, exporting, buying, selling or otherwise dealing in, at wholesale and retail such goods as: plastic and/or synthetic resins and compounds and other allied or related products/goods of same/similar nature, and any and all equipment, materials supplies used or employed in or related to the manufacture of such products. Its registered address and principal place of business is at Km. 33 MacArthur Highway, Bo. Tuktukan, Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines.

The Company started commercial operations in 1990 with the trading of imported Polyethylene (“PE”) compounds and paraffin waxes. In the same year, the Company started the production and sales of PVC compounds at its plant in Guiguinto, Bulacan with just 22 employees. The said plant had an initial operating capacity of 1,800 metric tons per annum (“MTPY”) of PVC compounds. The Company started exporting its PVC compounds in 1995. In March 1, 1998, CROWN was assessed and approved by QMS Quality Management Systems Limited (“QMS”), an ISO-certifying body, an ISO 9002:1994 certification for having quality administration systems as a manufacturer and distributor of chemical compounds.

Capitalizing on its expertise in PVC formulation, CROWN expanded downstream into the manufacture of industrial plastic pipes under the CROWN® pipes brand for electrical, sanitary, potable water, and telecommunications applications. In 1998, the Company began the production of PVC flexible electrical pipes using the latest German machinery and technology at that time. Soon after, the Company’s range of product lines expanded further with the introduction of PVC electrical conduit pipes and potable water pipes in 2000, and sanitary pipes and fittings in 2002.

In 2003, CROWN saw the opportunity to expand the application of its PVC compounds beyond wires and cables. It started to develop and market PVC compounds for use in integrated circuit (“IC”) packaging tubes, films and bottles, as well as door and window profiles.

In 2006, the Company started to explore the HDPE market by engaging in marketing and trading HDPE pipes and fittings under the CROWN brand to test the market. The HDPE pipes were supplied by an HDPE pipes manufacturer and importer that manufactured the pipes and imported the fittings. The HDPE products were marketed under the CROWN pipes brand since they were produced following the strict specifications of the Company. The HDPE products were subjected to quality assurance testing that ensured its conformity with CROWN Pipes quality standards. After the favourable market acceptance of CROWN HDPE pipes and fittings, the Company started manufacturing its own HDPE pipes in November 2013 utilizing one (1) of its existing extrusion machineries for this product line while the HDPE fittings continued to be sourced from importers.

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