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High Temperature TPU's, Polycaprolactones, Polyester, Polyethers



Founded in 1981 Eurothane, specialises in the manufacture of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes which include High Temperature, Compostable and Recyclable Polyurethanes based on polyesters, polyethers, polycaprolactones, MDI, PPDI and various glycols.
The high quality and ability to fine tune formulations to match customer requirements makes Eurothane one of the leaders in its field.
We operate principally within the injection moulding and extrusion industries worldwide. The company is structured to ensure quality, service and flexibility designed to fulfil the current and future demands of the market place.
Our mission is to constantly strive for improvement and innovation with the collaboration of our clients and partners, irrespective of their location

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Eurothane Ltd Smithend Green
Leigh Sinton Malvern
Worcestershire WR13 5DG
Tel: 0772 591 5981
URL: www.eurothane.com

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