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FloPlast Ltd

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Hot and Cold Plumbing, PVC-UE Roofline, MDPE Pipe & Fittings

FloPlast Ltd
FloPlast Ltd

PVC-UE Roofline, Window & Cladding

The company has invested heavily in automation to streamline its manufacturing and warehousing operations and to maintain its competitiveness. It has installed state-of-the-art Materials Handling and Conveying systems and Robotics in its injection moulding plant in Sittingbourne. A computerised Warehouse Management System enables the business to stock and pick finished products accurately and efficiently. FloPlast supplies its products throughout the UK and Ireland and is rapidly expanding its customer base in mainland Europe and beyond.

FloPlast place a heavy emphasis on product design with many innovative features to its products making them practical both to install and in their functionality. These attributes backed by a high level of investment and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic workforce has enabled the company to grow its business significantly from its inception. Its brand and products are well established in the UK and are recognised in the market place as representing both quality and value to the merchant and end-user alike.

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FloPlast Ltd
Castle Road,Eurolink Business Park
Sittingbourne, Kent
ME10 3FP, United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0)1795 431731
URL: www.floplast.co.uk

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