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Gary Duncan Ltd.

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Nozzle Heaters, Barrel Heaters & Plate Heaters

Gary Duncan Ltd.
Gary Duncan Ltd.

Nozzle Heaters

Our company philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers to provide them with the levels of service they need in order to operate efficiently and reduce their ongoing running costs. 

One of our major strengths is our ability to evaluate applications & offer alternative solutions to help increase a products lifespan and also reduce machine downtime. We also pride ourselves on our pioneering approach to customer service. This is typified by our flexible attitude when discussing potential service plans with new & existing customers. Once agreed, each plan is tailored & implemented to suit each individual customer's requirements.

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Gary Duncan Ltd.
Gary Duncan Merchanting Limited,
Unit 12, Kingfisher Park,
Dorset BH21 6US
Tel: 01202 894814
URL: www.garyduncan.co.uk

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