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Carbon Fibre Reinforced Sheets (Thermosets & Thermoplastics)

Haufler Composites
Haufler Composites


Haufler Composite produces carbon fibre reinforced sheets (thermosets and thermoplastics), combining CF/Epoxy, CF/PEEK, CF/PA6, CF/PPSU in thickness up to 100 mm. Carbon fiber / matrix combinations and reinforcement patterns are optimally adjusted to the specific requirements of the application.

Outstanding properties like stiffness, stability, light weight, X-ray transparency, lowest thermal expansion lead to increasing use of carbon fiber reinforced sheets in machine building industry, testing equipment, robotics, leisure and other applications.
CF/PEEK composites display furthermore exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance and thermal stability up to 260°C.

CF/PEEK composites are a promising material for the production of chemically resistant parts like nozzles, valves and gaskets; sliding parts like slide rings, bearings and guide rails and other challenging members, the finished parts displaying reliability and reduced maintenance.

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Haufler Composites
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Haufler
Lehmstr. 12 D-89143
Blaubeuren, Germany
Tel: ++49 7344 919004
URL: www.haufler.com

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