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Sheet Molding Press, Pipe Burst Tester & Vacuum Oven


Digital / Computerized Hydro Pressure Testing Machine

Industrial revolution started way back last century, bringing rapid growth in all kind of manufacturing and processing industries. Growth and production of an industry depends how fast & efficiently material is tested. Plastic testing machines play major in achieving the above objective.

Framed in this scenario, Hexa Plast set up its operations in the year 2010 to provide world class Plastic testing equipments, bringing global quality in Indian market. Hexa Plast then identified the factors that are crucial to fulfill these aims. Corporate care and business foresight of Mr. Nikunj Patel, established the Company with a unique position-of being firmly embedded in the fiercely competitive market of plastic material testing machines.

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28, Chandramani Soc. Opp. Ghansyam Nagar,
Ghodasar Canal Road, Ghodasar,
Ahmedabad- 380050 Gujarat. India.
Tel: +91 9537977333
URL: www.hexaplastindia.com

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