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Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd
Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd

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Established in 1988, ICHI SEIKI Group has grown from a local dealer focusing on the sales and servicing of machine tools in the precision engineering industry to today’s multinational solution-based company. Over the span of two decades, our clientele has expanded from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand and China. Today, we are known for our reliable metalworking machinery and engineering solutions throughout Asia.

ICHI SEIKI PTE LTD As our regional headquarters, ICHI SEIKI PTE LTD is constantly pushing the boundaries of the precision machine tools industry. Aside from the provision of machine tools, our engineering solutions team provides engineering expertise to help clients increase the overall productivity of their manufacturing activities. We also hold regular seminars and courses to share industry best practices and keep our clients up-to-date on the latest technological advances in the industry.

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Ichi Seiki Pte Ltd
39 Kaki Bukit Road 2,
K.B. Warehouse Complex,
Tel: +(65) 67447600
URL: www.ichiseiki.com

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