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Iykot Hitech Tool Room Ltd

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Plastic Injection Moulds, Plastic Components & Installed Injection Moulding Machine

Iykot Hitech Tool Room Ltd
Iykot Hitech Tool Room Ltd

Moulding Machines

We are a fairly small-scale operation with a total of 50 employees. Such a size enables us to provide individual attention on our customers. Our 4-member leadership team has solid experience in the plastics and tool making industry and has a relentless focus to make our customers successful.

We have 15 years of experience building injection molds. Over the past 15 years we have built molds of varying sizes and complexity to the satisfaction of our customers. Such a breadth of experience enables us to be very strong in all areas of injection mold making.

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Iykot Hitech Tool Room Ltd
No.19, Block - I, Sidco Electronics Complex,
Guindy, Chennai - 600 032 India.
Tel: +91-44-43162280
URL: www.iykot.com

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