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Plastic Injection Molding

Jain Plastic Corporation
Jain Plastic Corporation

Plastic Injection Molding

Jain Plastic Corporation is well-established and leading house in the FINISHING and PLASTIC MOULDING industry.

In this era of Globalization and Diversification we have incorporated State of Art manufacturing facilities under one roof to manage different production processes for varying quantities of products with great flexibility while guaranteeing high quality.

  • • Plastic Injection Molding.
  • • Electroplating on ABS Plastic.
  • • Silver mat finish on ABS Plastic.

Vacuum Metallizing on Plastic and Metallic Articles.

In our relentless endeavor to stay ahead of the competition, we cater our customers by providing them with TOTAL SOLUTIONS of their needs as our customers can minimize their headaches by giving us the responsibility to Design and Fabricate the mould and then get the Raw Molded Plastic Product or they can go for desired finish either Plating or Metallizing.

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