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JK Master Batch Private Limited

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Additive Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches & Color Masterbatches

JK Master Batch Private Limited
JK Master Batch Private Limited

Color Masterbatches

JK Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of White, Black Coloured and additive masterbatches in India.

JK Group is providing high quality products & services to it's customers.

JK Group plant is situated in New Delhi and equipped with state-of-art machinery. It's production system is highly flexible,enabling it to fast and efficiently handle even small orders and special requests. In addition, a fully equipped laboratory is in place for development of new products and for quality control according to the strictest specifications.

JK Group computer color-matching system permits fast and reliable matching and development of any new shade.

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JK Master Batch Private Limited
WZ-1 Hind Nagar, Tilak Nagar
New Delhi, Delhi 110018
Tel: 91-11-32621455
URL: www.jkpmasterbatches.com

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