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Krempel Group

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High-Quality Semi-Finished Products - Electrical Insulations, Solar Materials, Composites and Electronic Materials

Krempel Group
Krempel Group

Electrical Engineering

The KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent manufacturer of high-quality semi-finished products and a leading global system supplier of advanced materials. With its electrical insulations, solar materials, composites and electronic materials the group enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and is the market leader in a number of business sectors.

It all started with paper and cardboard, and now it’s electrical insulating materials, composites, solar and electronic materials, and special laminates, products which have raised the KREMPEL-GROUP of Vaihingen/Enz to become world market leaders in a whole range of sectors. From the paper and cardboard business which August Krempel started in 1871 in Stuttgart, and a paper mill which the sons of the founder acquired in 1911 in Vaihingen, a company came into being which in the course of its 140-year history has developed a vast range of know-how in dealing with papers, films, fibres, mica, resins, adhesives, and plastics.

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Krempel Group
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Tel: +49 7042 915-0
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