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M. P. Engineering Co.

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Centrifugal Blowers, Pneumatic Conveying System, Pumping Heating Unit & Turbo Air Vantilator

M. P. Engineering Co.
M. P. Engineering Co.

Centrifugal Blower

A Dependable, One stop, Indigenous Source since THIRTY YEARS.

M.P.Engineering Co. was promoted by Late Shri Devendra Kumar B. Panchigar who was specialized in BLOWERS & FAN ENGINEERING for more than four decades.

Late Shri Devendra Kumar B. Panchigar

Air That Works
Many industries need to put air to productive use. Equipments that utilise the power of air include "AIR KING" brand Industrial Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Fans, Hot Air Dries, Air Ventilators, Etc.
Many Industries also need to ensure ambient air. So that the health of productive workers, well-being of people in the vicinity of factories and quality of the environment improves. Thus, induatries need air pollution control system lke "AIR KING" brand Dust Collectors, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust -free Pneumatic Material Conveying Systems, etc.

We Make Air work for You
At M.P.Engineering Co., we take air seriously.
We help industries like yours to put air to productive use as well as to ensure a pollution-free working environment with the well-known "AIR KING" brnad of equipments and systems.
We have been active in the field since 1969. Some of our founders and directors have gained vast expertise and experience of over 37 years. Besides this the following facts about our clientlele, markets and manufacturing facility speak up to us.

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M. P. Engineering Co.
Ramol Cross Road, GIDC Vatva,
Ahmedabad. - 382445
Gujarat, INDIA
Tel: 91-79-5521 2280, 91-79-2584 1551
URL: www.airkingblower.com

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