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Merit Plastic Mouldings
Merit Plastic Mouldings

Injection Moulding

We are technical experts in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mouldings. Working in partnership with you, we support your new product developments and existing moulding requirements from design to delivery.
We manufacture a wide range of technical products, in a variety of engineering polymers, and supply markets such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer goods.

“Merit Plastic Mouldings have the systems, controls and personnel required from Product Concept to Product Realisation for our highly regulated business sector.”

At Merit Plastic Mouldings quality forms an integral part of all our processes. From having an input into your design, through manufacture of tooling and materials selection, to final moulding of your parts, our approach to quality management takes an end-to-end view from design to delivery.

During development, we review your part design using Moldflow simulations to identify and design out potential quality issues. Using our AQP process we conduct a comprehensive review of the part – discussing drawing tolerances, critical dimensions, measuring equipment, quality inspection audits, dimensional reports and part validation requirements.

The above information then forms the basis of all quality documentation created for manufacturing – such as operator instructions, first-off inspections and in-process audits.

The results of our ISO 9001 audit reaffirms this approach to quality.

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Merit Plastic Mouldings
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