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The company H. Müller-Fabrique de Moules SA from Conthey, Switzerland, founded in 1959, is the premier provider of moulds and robots for thin-wall packaging and In-Mould Labelling applications. Globally active and privately owned, MÜLLER has been developing customised, fully automated turnkey systems used in the plastics packaging industry worldwide since 1993. Due to its extensive list of successful projects, know-how and premium quality level, MÜLLER supports companies from the food, non-food and medical technology sectors in the development of new products for packaging. Services solutions provided by MÜLLER range from the design and development of innovative packaging products to the manufacture of high-volume production systems while guiding customer companies along the entire supply chain. Thanks to their Swiss precision, MÜLLER supplies optimum results from a single source, on-time.

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H. Müller - Fabrique de Moules SA
Route de Sécheron 1964 Conthey 1
Tel: +41 27 345 47 00
URL: www.muller-iml.com

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