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NETZSCH is a global leader in the area of thermal characterization with the technology to evaluate almost any material. We offer complete solutions in thermal analysis, adiabatic reaction calorimetry and the determination of thermophysical properties. Our 50 years of applications experience, broad state-of-the-art product line and comprehensive service ensure that our solutions will not only meet your every requirement but also exceed your every expectation.

Polymer materials exhibit distinct temperature-dependent property changes –and knowledge about such behavior is essential in the production, processing and application of these materials. Thermal analysis is now well-established for the characterization of polymers. The various applications are backed by national and international standards (ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN, etc.) and additional standards for the determination of polymer properties continue to be established. By means of thermo analytical methods, one can measure thermal transitions (DSC, DMA, DIL, LFA), chemical reactions and decompositions (TGA, DSC, DEA, rheology), and viscoelastic properties (DMA, rheology) as well as the thermal diffusivity and conductivity (HFM, GHP, LFA) of polymers as a function of temperature, heating rate, deformation and atmosphere. In addition to determining the thermal properties of polymer materials and products, such methods can also determine the formulations of plastic and rubber mixtures. Comparisons with reference samples yield even more information on the production conditions or processing history of specific samples.

The diverse analytical solutions offered by NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH can proficiently address any issue in the field of plastics-technology.

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