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Thermo-plastics Fabrication & Black Oxide Line

Oneida Plastics Limited
Oneida Plastics Limited

Black Oxide line

Oneida Plastics Limited's crossflow microfilter, EXXFLOW, is a proven technology used for recycling and removing suspended solids in many manufacturing processes, including:

wafer dicing
ingot sawing
HF and other slurry wastes

EXXFLOW microfiltration builds a "dynamic filtration layer" from the suspended solids present in the liquid to be treated.

As liquid is pumped into the tubes, it escapes through the porous textile tube walls leaving the solids deposited on the inside of the tube walls.

These solids create a layer which becomes a membrane, the thickness of which is controlled by the flow of the liquid along the tube; the faster the flow, the thinner the membrane, and visa-versa.

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