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Key Products: Blow Moulding & Injection Moulding Machinery

PakTec Pty Ltd
PakTec Pty Ltd

Blow Moulding

PakTec Pty Ltd. specialises in cutting edge machine technology for Blow moulding which has the lowest energy consumption and footprint as well as high performance Injection moulding machinery and materials handling and ancillary equipment for the plastics industry.

PakTec is also exclusively supplying materials for plastics processing that offer great environmental benefits such as mineral filled (talc or calcium carbonate) master batches and pre-compounded materials with mineral fillers (calcium carbonate) which reduces the percentage of polymer in the packaging.

Due to extensive experience in the blow moulding and injection moulding industries, we are able to offer consultancy services for product design, equipment specifications, factory layouts and many other facets of technical consultancy.

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PakTec Pty Ltd
113 Porters Road, Kenthurst,
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URL: www.paktec.com.au

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