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Perfect Belts Limited
Perfect Belts Limited


We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the foremost Manufacutrer-Exporter of “PERFECT” brand Grommet Band / Heddle Belts and loom Spares for Starlinger & Lohia HDPE/PP Bag manufacturing Woven sack Circular Looms.

The company was set up in mid ’90s with initial emphasis on manufacturing Grommet Band/Heddle Belts. Later on, we have developed various spares for Circular Looms and have created a niche in Indian & Overseas market based on quality consistency,precision and dimensional perfection of our manufactured products.
PERFECT  Replacement
PERFECT offers complete replacement of all Grommet Band/Heddle Belts required for Lohia, Starlinger and various other International and Indian Circular Looms. The spares developed by us are perfect replacement to the original parts ensuring better performance and quality.
PERFECT Infrastructure & Quality Control
The company has always tried and maintained stringent production quality controls and in its quest to cater only consistent quality products, have created a set of highly specialized and approved vendors for various raw materials, both indigenious & imported and are routinely tested in our well-equipped Laboratory. 

The company is continuosly upgrading the quality of the manufactured spares and Grommet Bands. In our endeavour for quality consistent high performance products, we have created an indegenious manufacturing process based on extensive research and experience. The selection of raw materials, process, mold designs, equipment, all has led to high performance at an economic price.

As, we are arduously updating our range of various spares, it can be assured that most of the parts required for Alpha6, Omega6, SL4, SL6, SL61, SL62, SL8, SL82, Leno2, SLL4, HDN4, HDN6, HDN8, HDE4, LSL4, LSL6, LSL61, LSL62, LSL8, LSL10, LS-HDN4, LS-CS4, LS-FS-4, etc. are within our manufacturing range.

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Perfect Belts Limited
Plot no: 13 &16, Wariana Industrial Complex,
Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar - 144013,
Punjab, INDIA
Tel: 91-181-5010743, 5010734, 91-181-5010732, 5010733
URL: www.perfectbelts.com/

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