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Rajoo Engineers Limited

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Monolayer Blown Film Lines, Multilayer Blown Film Lines & PS/PE Foam Extrusion Lines

Rajoo Engineers Limited
Rajoo Engineers Limited

Monolayer Blown Film Lines

At Rajoo the metamorphosis was quick. It all began in 1986 and the last 25 years have witnessed the transformation of a modest beginning in a relatively unknown town of Manavadar ( Junagadh) in Gujarat to an expansive global footprint with offices in India and overseas with partners world-over. Well-known in global circles as a mature and respected organisation with a zeal for quality, price consciousness and latest in extrusion technology, Rajoo comes with the right blend of experience, expertise and excellence.

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Rajoo Engineers Limited
Survey No. 210, Plot No.1, Industrial Area,
Veraval (Shapar), Rajoo Engineers Road,
Rajkot, Gujarat , India
Tel: +91-9712962704
URL: www.rajoo.com

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