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Ramsay Rubber & Plastics Limited
Ramsay Rubber & Plastics Limited

Open Cell Foam

Ramsay Rubber has a broad-spectrum of conversion capabilities.In addition to fundamental Skiving and Splitting , Sawing, stamping, profiling, Slitting , Laminating and adhesive bonding, we also have the capability to convert block material into continous rolls of predetermined thickness all in a single, economical operation.

Our main focus area is the lamination of pressure sensitive adhesive to roll materials. Ramsay Rubber has the expertise to recommend, source and affix these adhesives to the widest range of materials.

We currently convert high performance adhesive gaskets, seals, strips, sheets, washers, rolls, tapes and bespoke fabricate various materials with a range of different densities and properties.

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Ramsay Rubber & Plastics Limited
Vulcan Road, Bilston,
West Midlands WV14 7HT.
Tel: +44 (0) 1902 407150
URL: www.ramsayrubber.com

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