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Romar Engineering Pty. Ltd.

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Moulding and Assembly, Design and Development, Tooling and Machining & Packaging for Sterilisation

Romar Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Romar Engineering Pty. Ltd.

Moulding and Assembly

Romar Engineering is a contract manufacturing company servicing the medical, aerospace & aeronautical and industrial disciplines. We cater for the needs of large multinational companies through to backyard inventors who require tooling, moulding, assembly and packaging services in plastics, silicones and rubber.

We are the customer’s choice for engineering solutions, providing local and international markets with high quality products since the 1970s.

We are ISO13485, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and pride ourselves on our quality moulded products, tool designs and fabrication, automation, rapid prototyping and of specialty materials and processes.

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Romar Engineering Pty. Ltd.
69-71 Clapham Rd.
Sefton NSW 2162
Tel: +61 (02) 9644 5022
URL: www.romareng.com.au

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