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Shapers India Pvt Ltd
Shapers India Pvt Ltd


All Shapers’ sites are equipped with injection machines to carry out the tooling trials but three have specialised in higher volume production:

  1.  Shapers’ France
  2.  Shapers’ India.

Shapers’ is equipped with 80 to 3,200 ton presses most of which are fitted with Sepro robots.  

In addition to the production of plastic parts, the French sites offer services in the fields of engineering and plastics process and also ensure logistics.  

Shapers’ main assets are based on:

   1. Competitive development costs thanks to the combined use of low cost resources from the Shapers’ ranks, and the implementation of innovative solutions, developed by our R&D department.

  2.A flexible and responsive organisation which is the result of our test centre culture

  3. If needed, a simplification of standards down to minimum requirements in co-development with our clients.


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Shapers India Pvt Ltd
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