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Sutton Tools Singapore Pte Ltd

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Drills, Taps, Endmills, Countersinks & Holesaws

Sutton Tools Singapore Pte Ltd
Sutton Tools Singapore Pte Ltd


Established in 1917, Sutton Tools is one of the oldest family businesses in Australia. With global manufacturing Sutton Tools is one of the largest family owned cutting tool companies in the world.

We produce over 17,000 line items including Drills, Taps, Endmills, Countersinks and Holesaws together with a wide range of power tool accessories to service Tool & Die, Aerospace, Automotive and General Engineering Industries.

Sutton Tools has a long standing commitment to our employees and partners. We have a highly focused team of 450 people who are dedicated to produce and deliver our globally competitive program of high value products. We continue to expand our business and produce ever higher levels of specifications that exceed market expectations.

Our aggressive investment policy compliments our product offer with globally integrated logistics, research and development and value added services at world best practice.

Through investment in both people and capital equipment, The Sutton Group has built its reputation for servicing all sectors of the Tool market to the highest possible level.

We have been manufacturing quality cutting tools in Australia since 1917 and the fact that we are manufacturing in Australia is becoming an important part of our message.

Sutton Tools is a proud supporter of the Australian Made Campaign. Promoting Australian Made tools is about more than raising awareness of quality products – it’s about encouraging growth in the Australian Manufacturing Industry. Sutton Tools supports and promotes Australian made products, with the aim of creating more opportunities for all Australians.

With the alignment to the Australian Made logo, Sutton Tools moves from strength to strength, continuing to reinforce that Sutton Tools is the only Australian production manufacturer of world quality cutting tools.

Consumers want to buy Australian because they know the product commonly exceeds their expectations and will be made to Australian standards, and they know that by buying Australian they are helping keep jobs in Australia. Every dollar invested in products made here benefits our country in terms of factories and offices built, jobs created, goods and services purchased, taxes paid and welfare payments reduced.

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Sutton Tools Singapore Pte Ltd
No.1 Ubi View,
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Tel: +65 6745 6388
URL: www.sutton.com.au

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