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Tarak Chemicals Limited

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Palmowax, Bitumen Additives & HALORUB

Tarak Chemicals Limited
Tarak Chemicals Limited


Tarak Chemicals Limited, is an integrated Oilfield Chemcals & Specialty Chemicals company. As one of the largest Oilfield Chemicals Company in India and a leading supplier of various Drilling Fluids out of India, it is constantly engaged in delivering value to its global customers through innovative technologies, products and services.

The Company's strategic focus is to innovate, collaborate and accelerate the process of delivering products to the market for its customers. Today,  it is well recognized as a Partner of Choice’ by leading global Oil and Gas companies. The Company through its presence in India, USA , Europe and China constantly serves its customers spread across various countries.

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Tarak Chemicals Limited
ABS Tower, Mezzanine Floor,
Old Padra Road,
Vadodara - 390 007, Gujarat, INDIA.
Tel: +91 - 265 – 2354901/2/3
URL: www.tarakchemicals.com

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